Policing budget balanced.. for now..

Neither the Policing Board Chairman, Desmond Rea, nor the Northern Ireland Justice Minister Paul Goggins, MP, revealed much any detail of their agreed “way forward” for the Chief Constable to balance the £24.5million deficit in this year’s policing budget [Nor did Sinn Féin’s Daithi McKay – Ed]. But Ian Paisley Jnr does.. UTV Live mentioned it at 6pm and the BBC report confirms that detail

The police have agreed to delay projects costing £15m until next year, and the policing board will be allowed to spend almost £8m from next year’s budget.

[And next year? – Ed] “The board is to ask the first and deputy first ministers to lobby the prime minister for more money”.. provided the law isn’t changed.. Although, the policing and justice budget has already been set up to 2011..

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  • Nomad

    I think these people are doing their best to bankrupt Northern Ireland.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Would the extra money have saved Rosemary Nelson? Hey, there an idea for a thread!…does this site not deal with all headline N.Ireland politics and culture issues or is it sanctioned?

  • joeCanuck

    You get a budget allocation. You live within it – that’s Management’s job. Do it.

  • Glencoppagagh

    How many ‘sick’ policemen are they paying for these days?