“open for business” – redux

A short video clip from yesterday’s Stormont Live where Jim Fitzpatrick and Mark Devenport discuss “our very own lycanthropes” the Northern Ireland First and deputy First Ministers’ trip to the US.. where they do, indeed, appear to be “drawing a discreet veil over that” recent little local difficulty.. [Open for business, again? – Ed]

From the BBC report

Speaking to dinner guests from some of the largest and most profitable companies in the US, Mr McGuinness said Northern Ireland had the “skills and location to build business”. “Our location and infrastructure give ready access to the developing all-Ireland economy, access to the British market and into Europe,” he said.

All-island, perhaps. But not, necessarily, all-Ireland..

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  • Sneakers O’Toole

    Our infrastructure would be much better if Mr. McGuinness’s colleague, Conor Murphy, wasn’t as useless as a chocolate teapot.

    Every time he’s had the opportunity to be bold on public transport, he’s opted for some pathetic half measure.

    The first train from Belfast to Derry in the morning doesn’t even arrive until after 9am, depriving it of customers in the busiest part of the day. Clever stuff. Plans should’ve been announced to upgrade this line aeons ago.

    Get someone with a bit of guts and vision into this role, please.

  • Pete, the Devenport Drearies November calendar is, er, the December one. Get out your Brolly!!

  • [aside]Pete, serious threat to Conor Murphy