Local angles are not always cheering

A game many of us play is “you’re one of us” when we spot a local link to the wider world. Usually it’s that accent, which is sometimes a bit poshed up after years of exile. So we cheer on Christine Bleakley on Strictly Come Dancing and Eoghan Quigg on X Factor (don’t we?). Not many cheers are raised though for the deposed leader of Haringey Council from Donegal and the departed head of children’s services Sharon Shoesmith “ from Co Antrim.” Purely out of curiosity does anyone know anything more about their Northern backgrounds?

George Meehan, 65, has been a councillor in the borough for 33 years. He first won a seat in 1971, eight years after he arrived from County Donegal in the Republic of Ireland. He has taken a detailed interest in children’s services and, as well as acting as a governor at several schools in Haringey, he was elected as executive member for children and young people in May 2004.

Ms Shoesmith, 55, from Co Antrim in Northern Ireland, spent most of her professional life in education rather than social services. She rose from being a teacher to a school inspector and worked in the school improvement division, monitoring schools with serious weaknesses and requiring special measures.

  • Baz está fresco em Vermont

    You are missing out another name from Ulster. Better still how come nobody in Ulster, other than myself, spotted any of the vetting defects in advance?

    ( I got *all* of them, DENI, NSPCC, NICCY, a flat zero)

    We know enough about Haringey, they decided that next time they’d try not to get caught out the same way, and it the plan didn’t worked.

    I don’t think reform entered their minds.

    Name me one pedophile teacher, in the UK, over last 12 months, in jail, because of the NSPCC. Name me one pedophile teacher in jail, because of any of CEOP’s 11,000 affiliates in schools.

    In Britain, if you are in child protection, and if you can deliver Margaret Hodge style ‘success’ you end up in charge. People do not get to be in charge for being good at protecting children. That simply doesn’t happen.

    ‘Confidential documents shown to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme suggest that crucial details on NSPCC files were changed after Victoria’s death.’

    That is what the NSPCC do, that’s the best summary you coul ever ask for, it’s what they do.

  • Baz está fresco em Vermont

    The other name is Jim Gamble, the super-cop, the best pedo-hunter in the world, that is, if the Home Sec is to be believed

    (The FBI do not know what he does, why is he such a mystery?)

    Name me a pedophile he has *ever* arrested in his entire career. If he is the best pedophile catcher in the world, then show me *one*.

    He hasn’t has he? He just picks up the phone from the FBI, RCMP, AFP, Interpol etc.

    I’ll make it simple, the FBI are the number one detector of pedophiles in the UK, we are all used to that, we all know that.

    If CEOP were any good at all, in a similar way, shouldn’t there be hundreds in jail in the USA? Not thousands, they’re a second or third rate agency, lets not judge them by FBI standards,

    But hundreds there should be. A pedophile network is rarely British these days, you can’t do them without also putting folks in jail in Oz, NZ, USA, UK, Canada.

    So where is the CEOP stuff?

    How come *all* the Brit child protection agencies, don’t see to be very good at anything very much?

    It is like the NSPCC, it is *impossible* to be in serious child protection, bad stuff, without lots of people going to jail.

    So when did Jim GAmble, arrest, interview, testify in court, relating to a pedophile he had caught?

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  • yvette

    how could this be

    ‘Ofsted’s report, produced with the Healthcare Commission and HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, found Haringey to have the worst child protection systems of any borough scrutinised by a review in the last 12 months.’

    after Victoria Climbié, the answer is really simple, nobody took the trouble to deliver the promised reforms (as usual). It is the British way of doing things.

    As for a local angle on, Ms Shoesmith, I think about 1,800 a week for not going to work, so in that respect we’re getting the same 1,800 value, it didn’t buy much child protection to begin with.

    The Brits have this cultural thing about delivering more practical help to foxes than children.

    it just repeats itself, blame, is being paid 1,800 per week not to go to work,

  • Harry Flashman

    OK I am going to get into such a lot of trouble for this but here goes anyway. I mentioned in an earlier thread about the number of people in public office in the UK these days who seem to be manifestly not up to the job, this Baby P case and the earlier Victoria Climbie case seem to bear this out but what seems to come across is the type of official that invariably turns out to be behind these administrative cock ups.

    One is dragged kicking and screaming against one’s best instincts to the conclusion that too many public officials in the UK these days are appointed not on their ability to do the bloody job but on how many politically acceptable boxes they can tick. A woman? OK a good start. Gay? not bad. Irish? Good. Black? Even better keep ’em coming.

    It’s not important to show whether you can actually do the job you’re paid for as long as the sort of people who keep the Guardian jobs vacancy pages full every week meet their diversity targets and too hell with how many wee’uns die as a result.

  • Greig


    Scandals and their reform packages, the latter are not seriously, intended to be delivered.

    That would be wild, people would lose their jobs for being eejits, or incompetent, or up to no good. Does that sound like Britain?

    (of course it doesn’t)

    In the UK, foreign journalists can get deported for asking the wrong ‘child protection’ question.

    A Damian Green kind of thing and they won’t let them back in. The Brit govt always over-react on the issue.

    The following Q, if pursued, is a trip to the airport.

    The guardian article, which follows, an indicator how easily fobbed of local journalists are.

    Note: Do you remember near-on 20 percent of the world’s child pornographers going to jail?


    I don’r either.


    ‘We work
    closely with law enforcement agencies at home and abroad to help them trace the
    publishers of such content. As a result of these arrangements just 0.4% of
    potentially illegal child abuse content was apparently hosted in the
    UK in 2005, down from 18% in


    I have
    a question. I would like the IWF to reveal how many child pornographers
    represented by the 1997 ‘awareness’ stats re: UK hosting were sentenced to prison in
    Britain . I feel that information
    would be useful to have.


    Crackdown on net abusers – but what’s behind the numbers?
    Should we demand more accurate figures from Britain’s hi-tech anti-paedophile squad?

  • Greig

    ‘One is dragged kicking and screaming against one’s best instincts to the conclusion that too many public officials in the UK these days are appointed not on their ability to do the bloody job but on how many politically acceptable boxes they can tick. A woman? OK a good start. Gay? not bad. Irish? Good. Black? Even better keep ‘em coming.’

    Just one big box *teachers*. If they won’t tick that, they’re out of that job.

    The govt. in London got rid of everybody opposed to sex offendrs in schools, every lasy one, hunted down, and sent on their way.

    Did you notice any whistleblowers in DENI revealing the glaring abuses at the DfeS? Of course not, they just don’t employ people like that. DENI are in the cover-up business.

    The NSPCC, has teachers at 4 percent of all sex offenders re: Childline database. Demographically, that’s really exciting. That is four page news reporting.

    And in case you think it was a glitch, in 2003, teachers did 250/300 sex crims and *all* the juveniles in England and Wales, only 1500.

    That box has to be ticked. Jim Gamble, the head of CEOP, is from Ulster.

  • jone

    Oooh this is getting exciting! When do we get on to the PPS, the NASUWT, girls wearing trousers in school, girls not wearing crucifixes in school and a ‘Coalition’ which seems to be a slightly barking one man band?

  • Baz está fresco em Vermont

    I’m probably NI’s best known child protectionist, certainly in the US, Canada and with the UN Committee & etc.

    I get to do a lot of crucifixes, head scarves & etc. The odd skirt banning problem as well.

    I also protest bible bans, I’m very flexible, I don’t always make the news with those, though I do try.

    The NASUWT? They definitely have more of an addiction thing with schoolgirl skirts than I could ever have, it’s what they do

    I don’t think a NASUWT meeting can go a full fifteen minutes without talking about sex with schoolgirls or about touching them at some point.

    They should be on TV with a gong, you remember that 1950s & 1960s programme?

    Take Your Pick


    Why do you think the union have spent a fortune, and over a decade lobbying for legal teacher/schoolgirl sex?

    What do you think Movilla is really about? They were also striking at one of my other ‘crucifix’ schools in Derby at the same time.

    I know exactly what the deal with Movilla was, and not what was in the newspapers. They only strike for important issues.

    Haringey? I think you will find that little the Brits say about child protection, or vetting etc. is true, it is structured on leveraged public confidence and deception.


    It is very sad, because the govt. hid behind the illusion of reform, and better standards, to come, but they didn’t come, the same scenario applies to Soham, that’s Britain, it is the way it is.

    My first debacle involving the NASUWT, related to Gary Glitter. and oddly, I co-owned his record company, go figure

    he was used in tandem with Renate Williams, it was the first ‘top charge’ dismissal. New Statesman, gave the Gary Glitter ‘as victim’ a straight go. The Guardian also used them in tandem in a slightly different way.

    New Statesman – The judge in Gary Glitter’s case gave a sensible …
    Renate Williams, a former teacher, was acquitted of “sexually assaulting” a 15- year-old male pupil. And Gary Glitter was cleared of various sexual assaults, …
    http://www.newstatesman.com/199911220021 – Similar pages

    Innocence on the line

    On Friday, glam rock star Gary Glitter was cleared of indecently assaulting a 14-year-old girl nearly 20 years ago. In his summing up, the judge said of the girl: ‘There is 14 and there is 14. Some 14-year-olds look like sophisticated young ladies… and some 14-year-olds still look like little girls. You may wish to consider which category the girl was in.’ Is it possible for a 14-year-old to consent?


  • jone

    Splendid…I din’t know about the Gary Glitter stuff. Can we also hear a bit about P A MagLochlainn harrassing mittel-European bishops?

  • Baz está fresco em Vermont

    I was Riga’s Ibiza.

    It wasn’t just Gary Glitter, I was always a huge club & Goth deal in the Baltic.

    and ( previously) I brought ‘strange’ to the real Kremlin! They gave me a ballet to play with.

    I was given a medal or something at a reception, I can’t remember what for.

    That 2006 thing, the case against Pujats, it would appear, that the atrocity in Riga, 2006, we were all concerned, about it

    three thawed out SS divisions, from some cave, surrounding the city, and then doing their worst, unspeakable crimes, that didn’t happen.

    So, Riga, 2006, a minor happening.


  • Baz está fresco em Vermont

    “Can we also hear a bit about P A MagLochlainn harrassing mittel-European bishops?”

    I intend to deal with http://www.mozaika.lv in person.

    They won’t do it again.