“Mr Wilson’s interference in the scientific work of his department..”

Friends of the Earth have picked up on the Northern Ireland Environment Minister Sammy Wilson’s rescinding of the designation of ice-age glacial deposits at Lisnaragh as an Area of Special Scientific Interest – against the advice of the Council for Nature Conservation and Countryside (CNCC), and the newly formed, if not fully independent, Northern Ireland Environment Agency – and FotE director John Woods is warning of legal action. From the iol report

Mr Woods added: “Despite the repeated assurances of his statutory advisors and officials that the geological science was robust and the consultation process comprehensive, he left this site without any legal protection. “Mr Wilson’s interference in the scientific work of his department undermines the many hardworking officials who are doing their best to give Northern Ireland’s environment the protection it deserves. “Sammy Wilson has unintentionally but convincingly made the case for an independent environmental protection agency, something he has vociferously opposed.”

Update Apparently the Minister today, 27th Nov, informed the Assembly’s Environment Committee of his intention to re-designate Lisnaragh as an ASSI.