“doing nothing is not an option..”

Interesting to hear Northern Ireland Finance Minister, the DUP’s Nigel Dodds, on Stormont Live borrowing some lines from the UK Chancellor, the Labour Party’s Alistair Darling, to criticise the Conservative Party’s position on the Pre-Budget report – part2 of interview here. During his appearance – see below the fold – UUP leader Reg Empey picked up the economic ball and ran with it [Normalising Northern Ireland politics?! – Ed].
Reg Empey on Stormont Live

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  • Ulsters my homeland

    anyone care to state who we owe this dept to? do we still owe it America (who blackmailed us during the suel canal), or maybe, we like America owe it to china, Japan and the oil companies.

    any takers?

    by the way I was surprosed to see no Jewish/Zionistist were inthat mix, that makes a refreshing change