“I think there’s a pattern here..”

On Stormont Live today, UUP leader, and Employment Minister, Reg Empey was critical of the way the Northern Ireland Executive had resumed doing business. Meanwhile, during his appearance, Finance Minister, the DUP’s Nigel Dodds, was critical of the Assembly’s Business Committee.

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  • Michelle McIllveen is saying that Sir Reg did not raise any issues by the agreed deadline. Sir Reg has stated he ‘duly did’.


  • The Raven

    Dodds has some nerve criticing anyone. His singular avoidance of the North West during his tenure as DETI Minister was jaw-dropping. His successor has not been much better.

  • The Raven

    Pearls of wisdom from Michelle: “Unionist voters want leadership from their political representatives, not stunts.”


  • The DUP / Sinn Fein certainly don’t believe in collective responsibility within the Executive. The fact that the UUP fought the last Assembly election with a promise of going into Government is the reason, why I believe why I believe that they should not be in Government with these two parties.
    To treat their fellow UUP Ministers [and possibly the SDLP Minister], with contempt by delivering a 200 page document, half an hour prior to the Executive meeting last Thursday is nothing short of disrespectful and seemingly par for the course in how Ministers outside the DUPers/Shinners club have been treated since the formation of the Executive in March 2007.
    One must ask why there hasn’t been [apart from a short meeting during the Summer] any meeting of the four leaders of the parties making up the Executive? Robinson in taking the ‘First amongst equals’ position undertook to ensure that regular meetings took place but of course didn’t deliver.
    For ‘Ms McIlveen’ to state that nothing was said by the UUP Ministers with regard to the document is patently untrue….both asked for time over the week-end to read and disgest the contents of the tome and they would speak to their fellow Ministers on the Monday…..this was agreed but then ignored by the DUPers/Shinners.
    The UUP have a comprehensive view on Education….with many concerns on what is offered…post primary, area planning, where Youth provision is delivered from, with a preference for locating it with Local authorities.
    What we see is Ms McIlveen’s name being invoked by some hack in the DUPers’ Press Office and as is the norm, they twist the truth, if not tell outright lies.

  • William


    My apologies for errors; sentence should read:

    ‘…is the ONLY reason why I believe they should be in Government with these two parties.’

  • William

    Just listened to ‘Officer Dodds’ on You Tube, being interview by Jim Fitzpartrick.

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  • William

    Mike…You’re too kind to Dodds…