Something afoot?

The attendance of the First and Deputy First Minister at the Assembly Review Committee seems to be gaining in significance with rumours that some progress has been made with an Executive meeting looking increasingly likely.

  • politico

    clearly the deal has been completed and if rumours are correct all of the outstanding issues have been agreed including education, pps14, maze shrine, stadium, irish language (look for westminster delivering this one)and a timeframe for the devolution of policing and justice

  • Jer

    Does this mean we will stop getting references to “that deal” “as noted previously”:)

  • Ian


  • doctor

    “Does this mean we will stop getting references to “that deal” “as noted previously”:)”


    Don’t forget the multiple links to one’s own previous posts or the numerous examples of strike marks going through text so one can clarify with the “reality of the situation”.

    But no, at this rate addiction has probably set in and we’ll be seeing five different threads on the topic each day for the next ten years.

  • percy

    you know we’re going to be told that “we’re not paying attention”.. its just a question of today or tomorrow 😉

  • Grassy Noel

    Percy and Doctor,

    I hope you aren’t asking “stupid questions”, or is it the case that you have “sight issues” – I fear there may be some withdrawal pangs if this goes through as planned. Time for a Baconian sandwich, methinks…

  • jer

    (Enough of that .. ED)

    p.s all good natured teasing 🙂

  • ulsterfan

    Martin better be careful Gerry does not scupper the whole thing because of those petty minded Unionists who do not jump to his command.
    The deal is not done yet.