Executive to meet on Thursday?

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  • USA

    “Tomorrow, Peter Robinson and Martin McGuinness are meant to be bringing a joint report to the assembly committee which deals with policing and justice,”

    No doubt Peter Baker is sharpening his pencil as we speak.

  • dodrade

    I must say I never doubted the power of Stormont’s filthy lucure to get us through the recent difficulties.

  • edward


    I think you mean his cut and paste of a single transferable post

  • Comrade Stalin

    No doubt Peter Baker is sharpening his pencil as we speak.

    I see you boys are still shooting the messenger. Pete does like to labour his point, but perhaps that’s because it often feels like the point needs labouring. There was no firm deadline agreed to in the StAA, despite the claims made by republicans, and therefore there is/was no basis for the SF boycott. Pointing out that fundamental truth does seem to annoy some people, but it is nonetheless the truth.

    I’m hopeful, not not very optimistic, that things are about to move forward. For this to happen, someone will have had to back off. The mention of things happening this coming April suggests that it was the republicans. At the same time, I’m not sure what Peter’s game is, since that puts him in shouting distance of Jim Allister and the European elections.

    The other possibility mentioned to me by Sammy Morse over the weekend was that Gordon Brown might choose to call an election next April, if he can consolidate his role as the rescuer of the British/world economy by then. That will add an interesting dimension to things.

    Now, I’m off to watch myself on the BBC’s “world war 2 behind closed doors” documentary.


    I can’t wait!

  • cynic


    You had a good war …..pity about afterwards though. How’s the paranoia these days?