de Juana Chaos arrested “by agreement”

As noted previously, 53-year-old Eta member José Ignacio (Iñaki) de Juana Chaos appeared at Laganside Court this morning [accompanied by Belfast lawyer Kevin Winters] in response to the Spanish court’s issuing of a European Arrest Warrant. Meanwhile French police have arrested the suspected military chief of ETA. From the BBC report. More In the iol report.

[Flag-waving] Basque supporters gathered outside the Laganside Courthouse on Monday when he arrived with his lawyer. The 53-year-old is believed to have been living in west Belfast since his release from prison in Spain. The Spanish authorities issued a European Arrest Warrant to the Police Service of Northern Ireland last Thursday.

As the hearing was due to begin, a lawyer representing the Spanish Government said the case could not proceed immediately. He said Mr Chaos would “be arrested shortly by agreement and then the matter can be brought before the court at some stage”. He said an interpreter had yet to be engaged.