de Juana Chaos arrested “by agreement”

As noted previously, 53-year-old Eta member José Ignacio (Iñaki) de Juana Chaos appeared at Laganside Court this morning [accompanied by Belfast lawyer Kevin Winters] in response to the Spanish court’s issuing of a European Arrest Warrant. Meanwhile French police have arrested the suspected military chief of ETA. From the BBC report. More In the iol report.

[Flag-waving] Basque supporters gathered outside the Laganside Courthouse on Monday when he arrived with his lawyer. The 53-year-old is believed to have been living in west Belfast since his release from prison in Spain. The Spanish authorities issued a European Arrest Warrant to the Police Service of Northern Ireland last Thursday.

As the hearing was due to begin, a lawyer representing the Spanish Government said the case could not proceed immediately. He said Mr Chaos would “be arrested shortly by agreement and then the matter can be brought before the court at some stage”. He said an interpreter had yet to be engaged.

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  • Big Maggie

    Mr. Chaos. It’s like something from a sub-Bond movie.

  • Shirley McGuffin

    Why were none of his supporters arrested? If Iceland has been blackballed, what does that make he “They haven’t gone away rent a crowd. Funny now that ETA/RIRA have to appeal to the respectables of SF.

  • Ann

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about here. He did his time, and a letter was read out at a rally in which he called for support for armed struggle, wheres the surprise?

    The only story here is that he has been living in West Belfast, thats it. If it weren’t for that fact, no one here would be interested in this guys’ fate.

    So we have someone from another country who supports armed struggle living in west belfast – – BIG DEAL.

  • William

    Based on the arrest of Chaos for supporting armed struggle, will we now please have mass arrests in North & West Belfast, of all those who in the past, currently or in the future support[ed]terrorism?

    ‘They haven’t gone away you know’ – Grisly Adams, One time Chief of Staff / Army Council Member of the IRA

  • Ann

    [Flag-waving] Basque supporters

    Anyone any idea how many? A dozen? Less?

  • pat

    ‘of all those who in the past, currently or in the future support[ed]terrorism?’

    You can’t go arresting the First Minister at such a sensitive time !!

  • Jer

    The man used a basque expression that the ball should be kept going forward.

    Thats it thats the whole reason for an extradition order. Bit of a farce.

  • picador


    The man used a basque expression that the ball should be kept going forward.

    He is also alleged to have written that Txomin, a deceased etarra, was a good man. Although he denies having written the letter and the Spanish authorities can’t prove that he wrote it.

    Case closed – one would think – but it is Spain and ETA we are talking about here – vindictiveness knows know bounds.

  • ulsterfan

    As an EU citizen I suppose he has the right to reside in this part of the UK.
    There is no possibility of him being extradited to face charges in Spain.
    Can the Home Secretary not issue a deportation order on the basis of the Law as it presently stands.
    I am sure he will feel more at home in Spain than in West Belfast and to send him back would be an act of charity.
    If he returns even in a voluntary capacity will he not get a fair trial for whatever charges will be put to him?

  • Jer

    Forgot that part but then its innocuous as well. Its going to be like a session with Socrates discussing what is good.

  • Glencoppagagh

    Reportedly, he told the court he wants to make a new life in Belfast. Since he comes from San Sebastian (Donostia, if you prefer), that seems highly implausible.

  • Chris

    According to his lawyer he wants to build a new life for himself and his wife in Northern Ireland.

    He’s a nasty looking little turd so he should fit in just fine.

    The man used a basque expression that the ball should be kept going forward.

    I hope Nigel Worthington gives him a call. We could do with that spirit.

  • Tiberius

    Maybe some of the Sinn Fein / IRA supporters on this blog can enlighten us all. Come on ye bhoys….No collusion !!!

    Posted by TrueBlue on Nov 17, 2008 @ 07:41 PM

    wots the craic with all the calton radio rejects here. trueblue must of got tired talking to himself.

    hill billy rock… hill billy roll… sing along trueblue

  • Txomin

    I hope this arrest warrant(for a letter that they don’t have, and don’t have any prove that it was read in the demostration ) opens the eyes to lots of people in Europe about the attitude of the spanish government(PP or PSOE nothing changes) towards the basques.

    – 3 political parties have been banned(the leadership, 25 people, have been arrested and sent to jail)
    – 2 Basque newspapers, 2 magazines and radio stations have been closed.
    – 3 Basque youth pro-independece organisations have been banned and the leadership has been sent to people.
    – Social and cultural basque organisations have been closed and its leadership sent to priso, ie: a group that support basque identity cards…

  • picador

    Txomin used to the goalkeeper for Mondragón before he became an ETA leader. So now you know where ‘forward the ball’ came from. He died in Algeria in 1987/

  • TrueBlue

    Posted by Tiberius on Nov 17, 2008 @ 09:53 PM

    Obviously you don’t have an answer to the points made at No. 13, Tiberius…..don’t you remember what Mick said: ‘Play the ball, not the man / woman’

    And by the way, what is Calton Radio? Is that the new name for Failure Radio during ProvoFest in West Belfast?