“I am afraid I cannot explain the matter any further..”

The Public Prosecution Service’s decision not to oppose the Criminal Cases Review Commission recommendation may have resulted in the quashing of Danny Morrison’s 1991 conviction, but the legal battle about revealing the reason why continue. From the Irish News

..yesterday Gerry Simpson QC, for the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) objected to the CCRC report being made public. Mr Simpson said the PPS objections related to a “number of matters” which he could not explain in open court.

“I am afraid I cannot explain the matter any further,” he told the court. “It is in the interests of justice and national security.”

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  • joeCanuck

    Trust me. I won’t **** in your mouth.

    How ironic, code word is “open”

  • How many times do we have to go through the set-up of Danny Morrison before even the slowest creature in Ireland gets the message whatever the PPS does to withhold it?

    Morrison was set up as ‘Steak kinfe’ aka the PIRA’s “Lord Chief Justice” in the Sandy Lynch case in order to persuade the real ‘Steak knife’ to come back to the FRU after it had helped set him up for the cull on The Rock.

    It was a replay of how MRF had gotten him to work for the Brits in the first place, getting some else to take the heat for him after those three Scots fuseliers were murdered by the Provos.

    And ‘Steak knife’ was also worried about blowback from the premature killing of Joe Fenton.

    After the failure of the Roslea attack without significant PIRA loss, ‘Steak knife’ came back on the FRU’s reservation.

    This whole interlude was the tensest time of The Troubles, leading to the negotiated settlement, and little wonder that the PPS doesn’t want anyone to know the official details.

  • susan

    This will sound flippant, and I don’t mean to, but can you sub “Stakeknife” for “Steaknife,” Trow?

    So. From Simpson’s statement, Danny Morrison, the media and the public are meant to accept that it was not just that revealing the details that led to the quashing of the convictions would not be in the interests of national security, nor was it just that revealing the details that led to the quashing of the convictions would not be in the interests of justice. No, we are to accept and believe that revealing the details that led to the quashing of the convictions would be against the interests of BOTH national security and justice.

    Speaking as a longtime member of the COmmittee that Will Attempt to Swallow Almost Anything if it will keep people’s children out of gaol and/or body bags…that’s laying it on a bit thick, innit?

  • It’s not being flippant at all, susan.

    ”Stakeknife’ cannot be substitued to Steakknife’, though; they are two different agents, the first being much less important than the latter.

    In fact, thanks to the disinformation of ‘Martin Ingram’ et al., he was made largely the fallguy for what the other one did, even explaining his presence and escape when Danny Morrison was arrested.

    If Scap had been captured, along with Morrison, there would be no one else to have blamed PIRA Council leaks upon.

  • Rory

    Susan echoes my misgivings as well.

    “…in the interests of justice and the interests of national security.”

    Now where ever before have these usually quite conflicting interests ever so happily coincided? In any other case that one can recall the “national security” card has been played to trump the cause of justice.

    This is a tale of a matador and a bull who fell in love and went out to dinner together.

  • I imagine the securocrats can see that justice was served by ‘Steak knife’ helping achieve a negotiated settlement of The Troubles, and his set up of Captain Simon Hayward aka Captain James Rennie as a drug-runner rather than the assassin of statsminister Olof Palme, it seems, on February 28, 1986 – just acts which need to be protected.

    If people knew the details of ‘Steak knife’s covert actions for the Brits over a quarter-century, all hell would break out.

  • ulsterfan

    We need to know if only to satisfy human curiosity and this indeed may be more important than security or to protect agents.
    Lets get as much dirty washing out into the public domain now thus saving awkward questions being asked of Republicans in years ahead.
    Perhaps some of our Privy counsellors can get to the truth of the matter.
    I am not talking about the Morrison case but the work of agents and double agents on both sides.
    Perhaps it is too much to hope for.

  • Ann

    Speaking as a longtime member of the COmmittee that Will Attempt to Swallow Almost Anything if it will keep people’s children out of gaol and/or body bags…that’s laying it on a bit thick, innit?

    I doubt very much this would lead to any violence or loss of life if the reason for overturning the conviction was revealed in public. Since scap, is alive and well and there are quite a few other touts littered about the place.

    If we can’t get this into the public domain, what chance Eames and Bradley?

    (Trow did you have a nice birthday?)

  • Ann

    If people knew the details of ‘Steak knife’s covert actions for the Brits over a quarter-century, all hell would break out.

    I doubt it very much, since all the revelations re scap etc have left people very much immune to surprise at anything that could come out in the so called dirty war.

  • Yes, I did, Ann, and thanks for asking.

    My girl friend gave me a beautiful sweater which I am now wearing, my sister gave me the new book by Judith Herrin about Byzantium, and, of course, my girl friend cooked another fabulous dinner. She is better at it than any restaurant I know, and I can drink all I want as I don’t have to worry about driving home.

    I think people would still be quite shocked about the horse-trading in operations that were carried on The Troubles – e. g., the FRU was willing to see that ‘Steak knife’ set up Hayward here in Stockholm because of the shootings he had carried out in Northern Ireland during the emergency in South Armagh in the fall of 1982, after he became Ops Officer of the 14 Intelligence Company’s South Detachment in June 1985, and the hit on Palme, and in return the FRU got the cull at Loughgall and the capture of the Eksund.

    And there were many other such arrangements that I can discuss if you want.

    They all just kept the mayhem going rather than stopping it.

  • Ann

    They all just kept the mayhem going rather than stopping it

    I think a lot of people benefited from that Trowbridge. It’s been said about Paisley, and about politicians of all colours. I agree with you that many had a vested interest in keeping the troubles going, an awful lot of people made an awful lot of money out of them and didn’t want to see that dried up. But the horse trading, or black ops, or spies and touts, has all been played out. After scap and donaldson I doubt too many would be surprised by anything.

    In this particular case, the envelope is a red herring. Most likely it will never come out whats inside, most likely no one really cares except those involved.

    Everybody has moved on me thinks.

    That sounded like a brilliant birthday Trow. Beautiful.

    Sounds like the girls in your life are spoiling you and you’re enjoying it.

  • It’s purdent to want to just move on, as most questions will probably never be even partially answered, much less adequately, but I am just not the type to do so.

    People in Sweden deserve to know who killed Olof Palme, and why – something that still remains unresolved. And the people who arranged, and did it have gone on to have most successful lives, starting with Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.

    Then there no answers about what really happened and why to Frank Hegarty, and Francis Bradley.

    And on and on it goes.

    It is most unfair for all those who have suffered these most unnecessary losses. It’s even worse IMO not to have any real answers.

  • The Devil


    The eksund was betrayed by a serving member of the Army council.

    This individual bullied and harassed two other members (one an alcoholic the other of limited vision) of the Army Council to re-enforce his insisting on the presence of a number of volunteers being aboard the ship.

    This was against the direct wishes of the Quartermasters who were charged with the task of landing weapons on the island.
    The quartermaster general argued that his men should keep all details to themselves as they had successfully landed four shipments from the same source with the same ship and the same crew.

    Furthermore to the dismay of the Q.M.G the Army Council would hand pick the team that would go aboard the Eksund, of the the crew that was hand picked at least two were saboteurs who dismantled the scuttling charges and brought aboard tracking devices for the location of the ship and the cargos collection point.

    Scap or Bangers were not privvy to the information and therefore were not the source of the betrayal, therefore the finger of blame points directly at the man who insisted and threatened until he personally had input into the hand picking of who was selected for the voyage.



  • And this spiel is completely irrelevant to what really happened.

    The Eksund was betrayed by the yacht – manned by DOOK aka ? and Heather Weissland aka Sergeant Margaret Walshaw – which was waiting in Ibiza for it since March 1987, and trailing it when it came out of Tripoli in October.

    They tipped off the French DST to come out, and capture it off the Britany coast.

    Its capture had nothing to do with any betrayal by the crew.

  • Dave

    Given that it was Adams who set up PIRA’s ISU (internal security unit) AKA “Nutting Squad” to uncover informers working within PIRA and gave it the authority to investigate all PIRA operations and members with a remit that could only be countermanded by PIRA’s Army Council, perhaps the sheep who vote for the Shinners should ask Gerry why he allowed the ISU to be controlled at the top by British agents such as Alfredo Scappaticci and John Joe Magee and at the bottom by Eamon Collins, etc. Why did such a ‘strategic mastermind’ like Adams fail to rotate the members of the ISU in order to avoid long-term infiltration of such a critical security role by British agents? Was the reason he allowed the poachers to act as gamekeepers simple self-preservation, i.e. he didn’t want key PIRA/Shinners be uncovered as British agents? At any rate, if your means of uncovering agents within your ranks is controlled by agents, then it should come as no surprise that your ranks are full of agents who go about their dismal business undetected.

    In the case of Martin McGuinness and Frank Hegarty: while Frank Hegarty, as PIRA Quartermaster, was a British agent who betrayed the location of the imported Libyan arms shipment to his handlers, it was Martin McGuinness who appointed him to that role contrary to the advice of the PIRA Brigade that McGuinness controlled. Yet where are the questions from the sheep about why Martin McGuinness appointed a suspected ex-stickie tout to such a key role? If Martin McGuinness wanted a fall-guy to take the rap for the betrayal to arms, then he picked one – and made sure he was dead before he could cop on that he was promoted not to lead but to betray.

    In the case of Danny Morrison, it is a fact that Danny was the only person in the house who wasn’t a British agent – all of the members of the ISU and Sandy Lynch were agents! The ISU requires a member of PIRA’s Army Council to okay the death warrant before it can execute a suspect. Of the 50 or so folks that British agents appointed to the ISU by Gerry Adams killed, PIRA’s Army Council okayed all of the death warrants. Since the purpose of British control of the ISU is to ensure that their agents were not detected, it follows that most of those killed by the ISU on the okay of the Army Council were not agents or were expendable touts only.

  • wild turkey

    “I am afraid I cannot explain the matter any further,” he told the court. “It is in the interests of justice and national security.”

    … and just how much does our Gerry QC gets paid for talking this shite? One, two, three , four, five thousand pounds a day of our money, your money, taxpayers money. If he is on the public payroll, we are his boss.

    Some scumbags lack any moral compass, and yet, they continue to greed and breed… and their tacky games, and gains, will be perpetuated. I can recall more than one episode of the Simpsons involving tacky corrupt lawyers.

    It is time to wrestle the scum: all the scum their associates and outliers , to the mat once and for all.

    Can anyone post info as to just where these cockroaches live and breed? It is clearly an unhealthy area that should be given a wide berth.

  • This is just beating-around-the-bush, Dave.

    Who was the member of the PIRA Council who authoritsed the killing of Joe Fenton – what Danny Morrison was set up to take the fall for in the Sandy Lynch case?

    How can you go on about the Frank Hegarty case without any mention of the 14 Intelligence Company, apparently Captain Simon Hayward, snatching him from N. I. during the showdown for the Palme hit, and keeping him in England while it all worked itself out in Scandinavia?

    British intelligence was primarily responsible for his killing.

    And you can go on until the cows come home about Scap being ‘Steak knife’, but he was never a member of the PIRA Council. He was only a mid-level operative who worked as a double agent with the Brits.

  • Dave

    Trow, I have no interest in deceased Scandinavian prime ministers. Any member of the Army Council can give the okay for an ‘execution.’ I’m not sure what point you are making about Joe Fenton but his murder falls under the category of “expendable touts only” since he was fed into the ISU execution machine by Special Branch.

  • insider

    At the court of inquiry following the discovery of Franko`s dump Mc Guiness was adamant under oath that should he have known Franko was back in the Ra, he (Franko) would not have been a volunteer for a single minute longer. Total rubbish and known as so by many from brigade staff up.
    As Mc Guiness was under the spotlight he quickly dispersed the blame for Franko`s entry back into the movement on the then Northern Command Quartermaster who now became the fall guy for all of Franko`s british agenda , as a result this fall guy with 20 years + active service to the movement was dismissed and I would imagine happy to have gotten out with his life.
    By all accounts the foot soldiers of the ASU`S on the ground were so lucky (they may never know) that Garret panicked and as a point of urgency gave the order to seize the shipment only hours before it was to be brought north.

  • Oh, I see, Dave, there are two kinds of killings – i.e., the nice ones which the Provos did or the securocrats made it look like they had, and then there are the other ones, the bad ones, which they actually did, but don’t care to own up about or see to the explanation of.


    And the point about the murder of Joe Fenton was because it was to protect the real identity of ‘Steak knife’, hardly an expendable tout.

    And it is really nice to see that Intelligence Insider, it seems, has given up all pretense of being intelligent.