TUV, DUP spar over ‘sectarian’ anti-ecumenism

A verbal sparring match has been sparked in Antrim following the refusal of TUV councillor, Mel Lucas, to attend a Remembrance Day service in the town due to the involvement of a catholic priest in the service. There are two notable aspects to the story. Firstly, it would appear, in nationalist eyes, that the TUV leader’s expressed distinction between catholics and republicans articulated at its recent Party conference isn’t too widely shared within party ranks. Secondly, the fact that the former DUP councillor’s actions have been condemned as ‘bigoted’ by the DUP is both a sign of changed times and, possibly, a bit of a dilemma for the party as the association of anti-ecumenism with sectarianism hasn’t always been so freely promoted by the party, not least at leadership level- and Rev. Kennaway thought the seeds travelled slowly from London to Ballymena