Trillian’s dead. Broadway Junction gets a ‘Rise’

Rise by Wolfgang Buttress

Having crushed Trillian, the Oregon-based Ed Carpenter’s design selected in 2005 for the Broadway Junction Public Art Project – apparently due to the escalating cost of steel and the current economic climate’s effect on increasing costs for all raw materials – the re-launched competition for that public space was promoted in July as “opportunity for local artists..” And today the newly selected design was unveiled.. ‘Rise’, a spherical metal sculpture standing over 120 feet high designed by Wolfgang Buttress.From the BBC report

The work is described by its creator as being “a representation of a new sun rising to celebrate a new chapter in the history of Belfast”. Sculptor Wolfgang Buttress was selected after a competition involving over 40 international artists. He has produced public art pieces for cities across the UK and has exhibited his work in Japan and the USA.

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  • fair_deal

    Wow just think of the number of flags we can attach to that 😉 JOKE!

  • jone

    The Balls on the Falls?

  • fair_deal

    The sphere within a sphere reminds me of the mini-nuke in the fourth protocol film.

    It is also reminiscent of a proposal from a Village community group about 20 years ago who suggested a huge concrete football (very socialist realism) in the middle of the broadway roundabout in recognition of the footballing tradition in the near vicinty (linfield, belfast celtic and the bog meadows).

  • The Devil

    what a waste of public money, this disgusting squandering of public money must stop!

    how much did this cost????

    how many poppies could we have bought with that money, hell we could have decked out not only our TV presenters but the unemployed, sheep in the fields, all of Dungiven hurlers,the list goes on and with the changes we could have given 25k-35k community jobs to relatives of Sinn Fein members

  • lee

    Will we be having a parade to celebrate it’s unveiling?

  • Why don’t they just make a big mound of cones in the middle of Broadway? There’s thousands sitting all along the M1 and West Link serving no obvious purpose. If they were stacked in Broadway we’d have a recycled piece of conceptual art and people could use the lanes currently inaccessible.

  • There’s thousands sitting all along the M1 and West Link serving no obvious purpose.

    Don’t start me about the (universally ignored) 30 mph limit on broad lanes, smooth new surface and non-existent roadworks on that stretch of the Westlink and M1, while the narrow lanes, apalling camber and active roadworks of the hill section get a 50 mph limit and almost daily accidents. Stupid or what?

    I think I prefer the big metal ballick to Trillian, though maybe a statue commemorating the local history of the immediate vicinity would be more appropriate? I could cast two spides in Celtic and Rangers tops swinging glass cider bottles at one another for a damn sight less than yer man is looking for his B.M.B.

  • Mr Angry


    Glass cider bottles are no longer their weapon of choice.

    Your average spide nouveau realized quite some time ago that the plastic bottles are easier to hotknife / bong with.

  • Chris Donnelly

    Fair Deal
    Just as a matter of interest: Followed you with the Belfast Celtic/ Linfield (and, don’t forget, original site of Distillery) but what soccer tradition in the ‘Bog Meadows’???

  • Mr Angry


    Perhaps it’s not entirely “soccer” related but rather a reference to the kick in the balls that the catholic church delivered to the parents of deceased infants by flogging off the land in which they were interred to the bog meadows?

  • DK

    Want to take bets on how long it is opened before some spide gets stuck in it and has to be cut out by the fire brigade?

  • Monty

    I like it.

    I’d rather have a hundred of these than give money to ‘community’ projects that line the likes of Jackie McDonald, et al’s pockets

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Clearly it was designed on a Spirograph.

  • I’m actually not guessing that the council are being true on this matter.

    If they were to add up the costs of putting out new tenders, administration, selection, advertising and sponsorship for the newly decided public sculpture – would it and building it come to much less than going ahead with Trillian?

    It’s just a cop out or they are bowing to some ‘god of unreason’ (to give it a nice term), as they often do. It often seems the council just not to care and care about that strongly. They have no passion, only passion for anti-passion. In the years after one guessed for years that they may just be O.K., noticing at least they hadn’t obviously plunged down the pit of caring not to care, they seem to have now.

    Oh, one good thing I can think about this globe shape is to let this strange, infantile self-obsessed, parishless parochial, inward-looking city realise that they are a tiny part of the world and not its’ centre. But, it may do the opposite, reinforcing these sentiments!

    Is the new ball structure with all of the extra costs in changing everything really going to be much less than going ahead with Trillian?

    At this stage, I’m not someone who cares greatly about what goes up at Broadway roundabout, just someone who cares that the council aren’t playing with our trust or minds. Trillian is an O.K. design. I think this new ball, ‘Rise’, is redolent of crassness and unsuitability. What does it say here? Nothing. What does it say specifically about here? Nothing I can think of. I’d much prefer a pyramid. The Egyptians had better taste.

    I guess a toddler could do much, much better at organising finacial matters than the city council. And the Arts Council are usually just obviously mad, frankly. Loony. Loony with public money.