de Juana Chaos to appear at Laganside court Monday

From the comments zone here. Picador spotted this Spanish language report on José Ignacio (Iñaki) de Juana Chaos. Apparently he is due to appear at Laganside Recorder’s Court on Monday morning in response to the international arrest warrant issued earlier this week. And, according to this report, solicitors Kevin R. Winters and Company told the Spanish court then that de Juana Chaos was in Belfast and did not want to return to Spain. Adds Meanwhile the International Herald Tribune reports that, “Northern Ireland police are hunting for a Basque militant wanted by Spain for allegedly praising terrorism on the day he was freed from prison, authorities said Thursday.”.. Update BBC report – “Mr Winters said an arrest warrant has been sought by the judicial authorities in Madrid, but that as yet none had been issued by a court in Belfast. “We will be in attendance together with our client on Monday, whether there is a warrant there or not,” he said.”