“one of these people will break ranks..”

Despite a number of arrests – “heavy-handed” and “politically motivated” according to Sinn Féin councillor, Brendan Curran, the Chairman of the local DPP – no-one has yet been charged with the murder of Paul Quinn. Today his parents met with Chief Constable Hugh Orde who had this to say.

Despite numerous arrests, no-one has ever been charged with his murder. “This will happen, it’s simply a question of time,” said Sir Hugh. “What we’re looking for now is someone, even someone who was involved in it, to step forward.” “Because rest assured at some stage in the future, one of these people will break ranks, and will talk to us, and the others will go down for a long period of time.”

Although, that assumes that the blindness is not endemic..

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  • edward

    come on you criminal scum step forward

  • New Yorker

    Good to see Hugh Orde in Crossmaglen and making this statement. He’s right about the eventual outcome. There will be a falling out and the smarter ne’er-do-well will spill his guts to save his neck.

  • Henry94

    Isn’t it far more likely that someone will be charged in a blaze of publicity and the case will be dropped or thrown out a couple of years later for lack of evidence.

  • TRuth

    Sir Hugh has this standard speech which is trotted out ,slightly modified, on every occasion where the PSNI is making no progress.
    The McCartney murder and the Northern Bank robbery spring to mind.

  • percy

    We hope not Henry94. The Quinn family have now met both the Head of the Gardai and the PSNI, significantly the latter in Crossmaglen.