“they are seduced by that same ideology that once drove the provisionals..”

Earlier Brian noted Chief Constable Hugh Orde’s comments to the Commons’ Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee and David McKitterick’s report on the “intertwining of high politics and low terrorism”. By contrast, in The Guardian Henry McDonald takes issue with the Chief Constable’s line of argument and, by implication, raises the question of whom, exactly, is attempting that “intertwining” [Not the non-political Chief Constable? – Ed].

Is he really suggesting that the republican working class is angry and frustrated enough to join dissident organisations because the devolved government isn’t sitting up at Stormont? Having studied republicanism for more than 20 years and having lived among republicans for much longer, the idea that the most alienated within communities will be placated once Peter Robinson sits down to chair the next cabinet meeting alongside Martin McGuinness seems oddly, if not profoundly naive.

In some people’s eyes, of course, they’re just keeping “faith with the republican past”..

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  • I disagree with Mc Donald. It seems a lot of those young people who are involved in these things are doing so because it helps with their other activities, often criminal. Others because of family connections. And then of course, as we saw in Ballymena not that long ago, good old fashioned sectarianism. Some vague desire to see a united Ireland does not make an ideology.

  • Dave

    The British government, MI5, the Chief Constable, media that is ‘associated’ with the intelligence services, and Spin Fein all want the internal settlement to prosper with the missing piece of the puppet parliament devolved… and yet the Shinners spin it to their supporters that the British security establishment are furthering a Sinn Fein agenda, and not vice versa.

    Perhaps it simply doesn’t occur to Hugh Orde that dissident republicans want an end to British rule in Ireland rather than permission to assist in the administration of British rule, and, ergo, that the proposed devolution of further administration is wholly irrelevant to their objectives. Is he really attempting to argue that those who reject an internal settlement actually give a damn about devolution of P & J? Hardly, so he is spinning for a continuation of a political process rather than providing a policing insight into the strategy, motivation and objectives of the dissidents.

  • Dan Breen’s Revolver

    one in London is worth 1,000 in belfast

  • boooooooooooooooooooom

    is dan breens revolver a soothsayer…methinks so…methinks the england department are as busy as santas elves this morning

  • blinding

    Into a political vacuum in Ireland comes……

  • Greenflag

    ‘Into a political vacuum in Ireland comes……
    violence ‘

    As night follows day .

    Get rid of the useless and expensive Assembly . It’s not even a talking shop at this stage . Bring in the UN/EU and get the map redrawn before the eejits start a new round of troubles once again 🙁

  • NoFlag

    Bring in the UN/EU and get the map redrawn before the eejits start a new round of troubles once again

    You are the eejit.