The day after the day after…

Just an obvious corrective with facts and figures, to all the excitement.

His story could be that of any president of Scots/Irish descent, rising through law school to emerge as the smoothly intellectual liberal derided by the Clintons during the campaign. Constant references to his colour obscure his real strengths and possible weaknesses.

The world wept with joy on Tuesday night. Probably more such tears were shed than in all history. The reason was not that a Democrat had beaten a Republican, or that the new man is young and has a gift for turning banality into rhetoric. The emotion was because Barack Obama is black.

A similar point is made more grandly by a Harvard professor in the NY Times. Obama’s election was at last the fulfillment of the founding fathers’ vision:

“This was a vision that terrified as much as it fascinated the conservative men who were often amazed at what they had signed on to in 1787: a revolutionary charter of power granted by liberty,” in James Madison’s nervously triumphalist prose. So they promptly ensured that it would only very slowly threaten the political hegemony of older white men.”

  • 6countyprod

    The professor said:

    Colin Powell’s flirtation with a presidential run was a critical point in this shift in white attitude, effectively priming the nation for the possibility of a black candidate. But so too were the appointments of blacks such as Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former Commerce Secretary Ron Brown.

    I doubt if Ron Brown had much impact on the youth vote. He died in April, 1996. But Bush, by appointing Powell and Rice, certainly had a huge impact on perception of Blacks in high office.

    You hear some talk about the series West Wing helping to break the mold, but I would suggest that 24 from Fox, with a very likeable and capable Black president in a leading role, did a lot more to move folks’ thinking along.

  • WindsorRocker

    Ironic if Fox helped to elect Obama, their coverage over the last few months has been nothing short of shocking……..

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    An irony indeed.

    Almost as ironic as the big turnout for Obama in CA helping to pass Prop 8. (I tried to include a link to a report in the Telegraph about this, but it has been blacklisted on slugger!?)

    Strange times!

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    This link has avoided the censors!