“Since Mr Adams keeps calling for truth recovery..”

As the BBC reports, yesterday in the Assembly chamber DUP MLA Nelson McCausland “claimed [Gerry Adams] had been the IRA leader who set up secret units to murder suspected informers and dispose of their bodies” – you can watch his statement, and Adams’ denial here. Today, after he refused to withdraw the remarks, Speaker Willie Hay ordered Nelson McCausland to leave the chamber.

Mr McCausland said: “The statements were based on extracts from Ed Moloney’s book, A Secret History of the IRA, which is available in book shops and in the library of this assembly. “I will not therefore be withdrawing the statement. Since Mr Adams keeps calling for truth recovery I think it is important that we get to the truth on this matter.”

Adds Mark Devenport asks, “Has Mr Adams “refuted” the allegation?”More Mark Devenport also highlights an interesting detail from Adams’ response.

Mr Adams denied it and, speaking in Irish, called Mr McCausland ” a foolish man”.

Here are those exchanges again.