“It is time that the media..identify where the problem lies and expose them for it.

In yet another sign of the growing angst within the DUP at the party’s failure to control the narrative (and entire local media agenda) regarding the deterioration of relations at Stormont, the DUP leader has used his televised speech to articulate the party’s desperation/ frustration at the inability to control the media’s presentation of events (though, as noted here, some on Slugger have been decidedly more generous to the DUP than elsewhere in ‘the mainstream’.) In a speech in which Robinson presented a rather fantastical image of ‘dark’ days when Sinn Fein apparently ruled the roost during the Ulster Unionist era, Robinson also accused those of leaving the party a la Jim Allister of “deserting the battlefield.” Ironically, the BBC decision to broadcast the speech appears itself to have been a concession to the DUP pressure of late, albeit one which Sinn Fein and the other parties will expect reciprocation of during their respective party conferences.