DUP angst with local broadcast media grows

DUP MP Iris Robinson is apparently insulted that local broadcaster, UTV, have a policy of permitting presenters to wear poppies from November 2nd- 11th. Clearly, Iris doesn’t think this is a long enough period of time- and she knows who to blame:
“(UTV stated] they had to be careful not to offend anyone. Of course for ‘anyone’ read ‘republicans’.”
The DUP MP declared that this was a “sop to sectarianism and bigotry”, and that it shows UTV are “unable to provide objective leadership” on the issue (I bet you could guess what that ‘objective leadership’ would look like…)
I make this the third public statement by senior DUP representatives regarding local broadcasters in recent weeks: The party condemned the BBC for broadcasting the Long Kesh Great Escape documentary (‘Breakout’) and recently demanded that BBC and UTV broadcast the British Forces parade live this Sunday.