Snyman destroys Ireland’s top order

Gerrie Snyam has amazing figures of 5-16 currently as he’s ripped through Ireland’s batting line up with the new ball. Namibia were all out for 250 earlier this morning – looks a long way off currently.
Update It appears Ireland’s innings has been declared closed on 195-9, Cusack unbeaten on 95 – one assumes to enable Ireland’s attack to have 2 bites with the new ball. Reminds me of Atherton declaring with Hick in the 90s at Sydney… look what happened to him.Update Just goes to show why Trent Johnston skippers this team and not me as Peter Connell removes both openers in the 2nd over. Namibia effectively 68-2.
Update Cricinfo were a bit slow in showing that Rankin was out and Ireland had been dismissed for 195 with Cusack stranded rather than chopped off on 95. Ireland conceded a lead of 55 on 1st innings before Connell got a couple of lbw decisions late in the day to keep Ireland in the hunt. Namibia have a lead of 69 at stumps and you would have to say they are favourites at this point to carry off the title.

  • Pete Baker

    Any chance of rain, Dave?

  • Trent Johnston has just gone for 58 after a fine 141 run partnership with Alex Cusack. Kyle McCallan at bat now, and Kyle’s innings is sort of make or break for Ireland.

  • Oh, currently 178-6.

  • Dave Hartin


    BBC forecasts drizzle tomorrow – doesn’t look like it’ll affect the chances of a result now though. It’s turning into a repeat slugfest just like in Windhoek: 12 wickets already today!

  • DavidD

    Any target above 200 for a fourth innings will be difficult. All to play for.

  • Great start to the 2nd innings by Ireland. Let’s hope we wake bright and breezy tomorrow and they don’t…

  • fin

    how I wish I could find a radio or tv station for this game, blinding decision to declare, I’d still stick my money on Ireland to do the hattrick

  • Dave Hartin

    Sorry fin, no declaration – my bad. Ireland were bowled out at the end of it.