Attitudes to 1998

Browsing through the NI Life and Times Survey offers many anoraks, like myself, many hours of entertainment. I recently came across this survey in reply to the question: Looking back now at the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement, do you think it was a good thing for Northern Ireland, a bad thing or did it not make much difference?

Sixty-four percent of those who responded said that it was a good thing whilst seven percent regarded it as a bad thing. Twenty-five percent however said it did not make any difference.

Results according to religion put seventy-three percent of Roman Catholic’s saying it was a good thing compared to fifty-eight percent of Protestants. Eleven percent of Protestants surveyed said it was a bad thing, compared with two percent of Roman Catholics. Twenty-one percent of Roman Catholics said that it did not make any difference, compared with twenty-eight percent of Protestants. Whilst this survey shows a division of opinion, more so amongst Protestants, as demonstrated in 1998 referendum, people seem to be more at ease with the current political climate than they were ten years ago.

Long time political hack