“to the dismay of their political leaders..”

On the Politics Show, BBC NI’s Dublin correspondent Shane Harrison sketches out the historical relationship between the Republic of Ireland and the EU, and sees a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty as being “most likely”.

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  • Ann

    Lisbon will not affect Irelands neutrality or its anti abortion laws. Who says the long war in the north kept out abortion,(mick hall?) abortion isn’t welcome in the south either.

    the Irish are becoming increasingly British in their attitude to the EU.

    Is it the fault of the anti EU British media,(?) or could it be that they’ve woke up and smelt the coffee. i.e. see their nationhood being eroded in favour of a super EU state and decide they don’t like it all by themselves?

    Is the British media anti EU? Thats a pretty dubious claim.

  • RepublicanStones

    The fact that Ireland became a net contributor i don’t think is a factor in the cooling toward the EU project. The people i spoke with in the south, two opinions came to the fore. One, if its not broke….and two, the erosion of sovereignty. No doubt Cowen and Sarkozy et al will cross a few more T’s and dot a few more i’s and tell the us that there have been some slight changes blah blah blah… to save them from the embarassment of having to admit they are completely ignoring the democratic will of the irish people. Lisbon MkII is on the way, I wonder will the No camp get a second run if things don’t turn out their way.

  • fair_deal

    Can a referendum campaign win be a serious prospect after the recent budget? Have the sections of society peeved off and wanting to give the government a kicking not increased substantially?

  • Modernist

    “Is the British media anti EU? Thats a pretty dubious claim. ”

    Id say its spot on personally. The tabloids seem to spread a load of half truths/ lies. (A bit like Libertas) Maybe it frightens them that if the EU had more powers countries like the UK wouldnt be able to send their armies off on any more illegal wars.

  • fair_deal

    Exhibit A – 3 main Government parties have a total of 34% popular support (FF 26% Green 6% and PD 2%) according to the latest poll

  • Crow

    Ah Dunleary, the capital of West Britain. Makes me homesick.