“will result in criminal gangs being disrupted..”

Northern Ireland Justice Minister, Paul Goggins, MP, welcomes the recovery of criminal assets to the value of £1,905,445 in the first quarter of 2008/9. Of course, that doesn’t include the recently recovered criminal assets of Thomas Murphy et al.. [Is he still a “good republican”? – Ed]

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  • percy

    well at least no-one can call you a hypocrit,
    you don’t hide your relish at torturing SF.

    Could you describe your glee? your ecstasy?
    Just go that one step further.

  • cynic

    Ah Percy….it hurts having to pay all that cash out doesn’t it.

    But wasnt it the Party President who gave Slab a reference on TV?

    And wasn’t it the party mantra at one stage that you “couldnt be a republican and a criminal” …..although I was never sure if that meant what it said or that, if you were a republican, nothing you ever did could be regarded as crime

    And imagine the movement having all those Northern Bank notes that they cant spend because they were withdrawn. Makes the credit crunch look like a pimple doesn’t it.

  • Yvette Doll

    So long as the average s(h)inner doesn’t have two brass farthings to rub together, they should emerge smelling of Shamrock.

    That is not where they are is it?

    The troubles with guns, is often the money, the thing about the Italian mafia, is that it was all, in the sordid roundness of things, completely true.

    The Mafia, never lied, the things they said they would do, they did do them, they were cannibals, and they mostly decided not to stand for public office, because, it was all true

    The day will come, when people, ordinary folks, with poor shoes, economy pushchairs, and cheap raincoats, won’t do SF leaflets etc. Is what I think.