Ireland hopes rest on sunny weather..

Our roving, occasional, cricket correspondent, esmereldavillalobos, has been keeping an eye on Ireland’s performance in the Triangular Series in Nairobi [So that you don’t have to? – Ed].

“Both Ireland’s games [this week] in the tri-series were abandoned without a ball being bowled due to nasty weather and a sodden outfield in Nairobi. Bottom line is now this: if there is no result in the match between Kenya and Zimbabwe tomorrow (abandoned/tie), Ireland are out due to an inferior net-run rate (don’t ask!); if there is a result, Ireland make the final against the winners of that match. With the weather forecast for tomorrow mixed it looks like the team will be dropping a few ranking points.


  • esmereldavillalobos

    Unfortunately the weather intervened as expected and for the third day running, no cricket was possible due to a wet outfield so Kenya & Zimbabwe progress to the final. One wonders about the wisdom of this tournament being played at the start of the rainy season and maybe some questions arise about the drainage at the Gymkhana groud given that’s it’s sunny there (according to The Weather Channel). Meanwhile Ireland have an extra day’s preparation time for the final of the intercontinental cup starting this day next week in Port Elizabeth.

  • esmereldavillalobos

    Final update on this one:

    The Kenyan tri-series has ended in somewhat farcical circumstances this morning as the Nairobi Gymkhana ground was unable to cope with some more seasonal overnight rain and for the fourth match in succession, no cricket was possible despite the sun splitting the sky. The trophy (FWIW) is shared between Kenya and Zimbabwe.

    Maybe someone should suggest to the ICC that if their goal of international expansion of the game is to continue, some grants for ground improvements (eg: outfield drainage?) may be necessary in the developing nations so that people can, I dunno, play & watch some cricket?