“If I do not receive the support for this legislative approach..”

The Irish News summarises the Education Minister’s message to the primary school principals featured in a Belfast Telegraph article last month – “My way or free-for-all” [subs for now]. The Telegraph covers the story here and from the ministerial letter

“I was surprised, and a little disappointed, to read the comments relating to my proposals for changes to transfer arrangements attributed to you in the Belfast Telegraph. I have been very clear in all my public statements that I do not believe we need to subject our 10 and 11 year old children to a selection test

“I have said that I expect every primary school principal and teacher to deliver the statutory curriculum and not be diverted by any post-primary school’s particular admissions requirements. The revised curriculum is all that P6 children need to prepare them for transfer in 2010

“I have repeatedly said I want a sound legislative basis for the proposals. If I do not receive the support for this legislative approach, then transfer in 2010 will be unregulated. This is a situation which is not in the best interests of our children and I sincerely hope it will not arise.”

It’s not as if nobody had mentioned that vacuum..