UUP and TUV meet

The TUV and UUP have held a joint meeting to discuss possible electoral pacts in any forth coming elections. I will reproduce the joint statement below the fold:

Joint statement by Sir Reg Empey MLA and Jim Allister MEP

”Leadership delegations from the Ulster Unionist Party and Traditional Unionist Voice have met to review the unfolding political situation and to discuss ways of maximising the Unionist vote in upcoming elections. In addition the position relating to the Lisbon Treaty and resulting likely developments in the EU were explored.

We had a worthwhile and cordial engagement and look forward to continuing contact.

With the European Election, as the next scheduled election, coming up in June, we agreed on the priority of retaining two unionist representatives in Europe. This should be the overriding priority of all unionists in respect of this election. Such is only attainable by full utilisation of transfers between the unionist candidates. Thus, we agreed to recommend such a voting strategy to all unionist voters.

The UUP delegation consisted of Sir Reg Empey MLA, Jim Nicholson MEP and Danny Kennedy MLA. The TUV delegation consisted of Jim Allister MEP, Ivor McConnell (Party Chairman) and Samuel Morrison (Party Press Officer).”

It is clear that both the UUP and TUV will be running candidates in the European elections and as such there is no suggestion of an electoral pact for Europe. Whether or not there will be further meetings and whether or not the parties will be meeting with the DUP and what they will make of the meeting remains to be seen.