Gurkhas win test case

Gurkhas have won their test case against the government. They challenged immigration rules which blocked many of them from settling in the UK.

  • marky

    Great news.. I think its only right that people who have fought for the Uk should be allowed to live in the UK. Its laughable that this had to go to the high court, when we see forigners such as the man nicknamed “hook hand” lavishing in a UK jail, living up and getting all the benefits!!

  • a “fair deal” indeed.

  • Todd

    Are they going to be allowed settle in the North?

  • ggn


    My understanding is that Gurkhas are an ethnic group.

    Can one therefore be an ex-Gurkha?

  • fair_deal


    Indeed I will amend accordingly. Thanks for the correction.

  • Cahal

    Can you settle in France after fighting in the foreign legion?


    Can you settle in France after fighting in the foreign legion?

    I think you can, and rightly so. Anyway, I’m surprised that no major politician picked up on this case, the Gurkhas are held in enormous esteem by the vast majority of the British public.

  • Basil Brush

    Excellent and about time to.

  • joeCanuck

    I’m really pleased to hear this. It was a totally revolting decision not to allow them to settle in the first place having fought so bravely for the UK through so many conflicts.

  • fair_deal


    “Can you settle in France after fighting in the foreign legion?”

    After three years service you can apply for French citizenship (provided you joined under your real name)sooner if you are wounded.

  • It was the only right thing to do. Of course it won’t be great for the Nepali economy if lots of comparatively affluent Gurkha pensioners move top the UK (to live in relative poverty).