More cures for insomina: Fermanagh

I do not want to take anything away from Mick’s latest blog on the Fermanagh by election but I though that such was the fever pitch tedium in Fermanagh that I should do a quick blog.On my way into the town from the outer darkness in which I live (so far beyond the Pale that the distances are measured in hours for a tractor to drive) I pass Ms. Coyle’s election poster and then Mrs. Foster’s (possibly appropriately on the left and right side of the road respectively). Although the on line Fermanagh Herald has little enough on the election, the print edition has quite a lot and I suspect tomorrow’s Impartial may contain a bit as well.

The assorted parties are canvassing quite a bit: most people I know in the town have had all of them round. One UUP source indicated to me that they were getting a pretty good reception in a number of areas of the town especially pretty working class unionist areas such as Chanterhill. The UUP candidate Basil Johnston has promised not to put up posters. His party leader Reg Empey and Danny Kennedy have both produced somewhat more standard support for Mr. Johnston than Sam Foster’s slightly more unusual letter which is sadly not on line.

The DUP have had Peter Robinson down to support Mrs. Foster. Before the latest war or words between the two parties with Nigel Dodds rounding on the UUP for having the by election at all and for Sam Foster’s comments; Mrs. Foster had asked her voters to vote UUP “2.” That of course resulted in the UUP saying that they had always reciprocated.

The strategy by Ms McHugh (the daughter of ex SF MLA Gerry McHugh) is also interesting. Her public comments have focused on youth issues and she has not mentioned anti agreement Republican views or indeed any other unionist/nationalist typed political issues at all. The Alliance party have had Anna Lo down and Dr. Kamble has been producing a standard Alliance message along with promising action on Enniskillen’s traffic problems.

So the boredom here is almost terminal. After the election, however, we can all have fun analysing the results to death.

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