More cures for insomina: Fermanagh

I do not want to take anything away from Mick’s latest blog on the Fermanagh by election but I though that such was the fever pitch tedium in Fermanagh that I should do a quick blog.On my way into the town from the outer darkness in which I live (so far beyond the Pale that the distances are measured in hours for a tractor to drive) I pass Ms. Coyle’s election poster and then Mrs. Foster’s (possibly appropriately on the left and right side of the road respectively). Although the on line Fermanagh Herald has little enough on the election, the print edition has quite a lot and I suspect tomorrow’s Impartial may contain a bit as well.

The assorted parties are canvassing quite a bit: most people I know in the town have had all of them round. One UUP source indicated to me that they were getting a pretty good reception in a number of areas of the town especially pretty working class unionist areas such as Chanterhill. The UUP candidate Basil Johnston has promised not to put up posters. His party leader Reg Empey and Danny Kennedy have both produced somewhat more standard support for Mr. Johnston than Sam Foster’s slightly more unusual letter which is sadly not on line.

The DUP have had Peter Robinson down to support Mrs. Foster. Before the latest war or words between the two parties with Nigel Dodds rounding on the UUP for having the by election at all and for Sam Foster’s comments; Mrs. Foster had asked her voters to vote UUP “2.” That of course resulted in the UUP saying that they had always reciprocated.

The strategy by Ms McHugh (the daughter of ex SF MLA Gerry McHugh) is also interesting. Her public comments have focused on youth issues and she has not mentioned anti agreement Republican views or indeed any other unionist/nationalist typed political issues at all. The Alliance party have had Anna Lo down and Dr. Kamble has been producing a standard Alliance message along with promising action on Enniskillen’s traffic problems.

So the boredom here is almost terminal. After the election, however, we can all have fun analysing the results to death.

  • Loane Drive Voter

    “One UUP source indicated to me that they were getting a pretty good reception in a number of areas of the town especially pretty working class unionist areas such as Chanterhill.”

    Considering Mark Ovens was canvassing thearea on his own when he called at my door I would suggest that he is an unreliable source.

  • nicole

    It is indeed interesting Ms McHugh is not playing the republican card given she is being used to test the vote for her father who left Sinn Fein complaining that it was no longer on a republican agenda.

  • cynic

    Middle aged female solicitor and white haired unemployed man fight for seat on Council with no real power in land far away.

  • slug

    Turgon: a tip. If you start your talk/article with a statement to the effect that “this is boring” – however self depricating – this does not invite people to read.

  • If you start your talk/article with … a simple spelling mistake (“insomina”) it looks like you aren’t very interested in your own story either!

    However, as an election anorak, I actually find this one quite interesting. In fact, most of them are interesting for one reason or another. If you find democracy sleep-inducing, Turgon, you should consider the alternatives.

  • Kumar has a blog at

  • interested

    “Kumar has a blog”

    And I see he’s closed the poll he was running on cycle lanes in Enniskillen with a surprise result saying that actually Eniskillen doesn’t need any more cycle lanes.

    Total votes: 3

  • Pancho’s Horse

    Is he one of the Tempo Campbells?

  • Is he one of the Tempo Campbells?

    I take it that’s a rhetorical question?

  • Just_Thoughts

    The UUP seem confident that they can win it according to some i spoke with in Fermanagh over the weekend.

    Karen McHugh had many people out canvassing for her on Saturday. seemed a very strong team. She will definetly have an effect on the Sinn Fein and SDLP votes. People will also be voting for her dad who from what i can gather has more respect from republicans there than Sinn Fein do.

    Sinn Fein candidate doesent seem to be very strong. I think they must have been scraping the bottom of the barrel if thats the best candidate they could get. She will not win this contest.

    DUP ofcourse have a strong candidate and i think Arlene Foster will top the poll in first preference votes but i think when it comes to tranfers she will be feeling the heat!

    Alliance party wont even make 100 votes i dont think. I notice that since the Green Party are not fielding a candidate the Alliance are spewing out alotof generic environmental things. They dont fool me, Party of the NIO.

    SDLP didnt seem to have anyone out over the weekend and i dont think they will make any impact. 200-250 votes im thinking. A respectable vote though.

    I think the vote will something like this.

    1st – DUP
    2nd – UUP
    3rd / 4th – Sinn Fein
    3rd / 4th – McHugh
    5th – SDLP
    6th- Alliance.