“If he (Obama) wins, the operative word is detachment..”

Gonzo gave his immediate reaction to Barack Obama’s speech late last night but it’s also worth reading Micky Kaus’ suitably sceptical take at Slate

“A little flat, and not just because of it’s now-required State-of-the Union laundry-list passages”

Meanwhile Máirtín points to an Irish Echo report from a couple of days ago on the reaction by some to Obama’s suggestion that a US envoy to Northern Ireland was no longer required – as previously noted by Brian.

“I’m Shocked, I really am,” veteran Democratic activist Brian O’Dwyer said. “The stupidity of it, that somehow the idea that it is all over (in Northern Ireland) and there is no need for an envoy; this of all things. Irish American is most proud of the fact that it obtained an envoy, O’Dwyer, a prominent supporter of Senator Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries, told the Echo. [] “It’s hard for me to fathom how anyone who knows anything about Ireland would say this. This is a signal that the U.S. government will detach. If he (Obama) wins, the operative word is detachment,” O’Dwyer said.

The US involvement here has been mapped out in detail previously and I added some thoughts on the wider view here. And in answer to Máirtín’s question about John McCain’s position on a US envoy to Northern Ireland

John McCain is committed to maintaining the special U.S. envoy for Northern Ireland and that commitment has been enshrined in the 2008 Republican Platform.

Of course, previously, McCain has intervened here personally.. And in related news “Senator John McCain has selected Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate, according to [US] Republican [Party] sources.” Reports here and here. And an Insta-note

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  • Jer

    I would hardly call it flat. Surely he managed to set up some nice message rebutting McCain and tie in with the average American better. Lets the polls decide.

  • Pete Baker

    It’s how Micky Kaus saw it, Jer.

    But read the whole thing.

  • Occassional Commentor

    re US VP candidate Alaska Gov Sarah Palin:

    I’ve felt up to now that the presidential race was too close to call. This is a brilliant choice by Sen McCain.

    Palin is a Pentacostal (I love their rocking church music), believes that Creationism should be taught alongside Evolution (the DUP will love her), is anti-abortion (the RCs will love her) – and puts her money where her mouth is with four children, including a son headed for Iraq.

  • BfB



  • Greenflag

    OC ,

    ‘This is a brilliant choice by Sen McCain.’

    It’s actually an admission of how desperate his candidacy is becoming . He knew that with Romney , Giuliani , or Pawlenty on the ticket he was a definite loser . This is a big ‘gamble ‘ for him . With McCain now 72 Americans will pay a little more attention to the VP pick than in recent elections . And when the choice comes down to a possible President Joe Biden or President Sarah Palin -even Republicans know who is going to win that one .

    The ‘pentecostalism ‘ and her other views re abortion and gay marriage place her well outside the american mainstream apart from the south and parts of the West like Utah and Nevada , Idaho and her native Alaska.

    No McCain -8 years is enough – and ‘trickle down economics ‘ does NOT work .

    Sarah Palin will have her few days of fame and then it’ll be back to the economy , health care and the failure of the ‘compassionate conservatives ‘ of the neo con nut jobs who have led the USA into the present econnomic and foreign policy mess .

  • Occassional Commentor

    re Sarah Palin

    I just read that she has FIVE children, the last born recently with Downs Syndrome.

    Her husband is part Native American.

  • Occassional Commentor


    I still say that the race is too close to call, but if I was so sure of the results, I would have already placed my wager.

    As to your tone, all I can think of is “Weaned on a pickle.” At least they are green.

  • BfB

    Can’t use the economy anymore greenie, the facts speak for themselves.
    Say (and type) healthcare a million times…that’ll work.
    McCain has shown that Obama has a lot to learn on many subjects, campaigning among them.

  • Greenflag


    ‘I just read that she has FIVE children,’

    Well what else would you expect from a part Fenian? 🙂 Her mother’s name was Sheeran and she’qualifies as ‘irish -american ‘ and also admits to english and german ancestry .

    She may have a future in USA national politics given that the Republicans will be routed in both the Senate and Congress in November . She’s young enough to be vying for the top spot for another 20 years . She will gain some national exposure this time out .

    But at the end of the day both McCain and Palin are probably the best two picks the Republicans could have made to shore up their coming defeat from being a wipeout ! imo

  • Greenflag

    Bfb ,

    Mr John , ‘I voted against an increase in the minimum wage 19 times’ McCain’ is not going to win.

    Bush is the most unpopular sitting President since Richard Nixon and McCain’s chance has evaporated after the last 8 years of mis management -poor decision making -reckless pursuit of war as foreign policy – and an unbelievably corrupt Bush administration . And on the very day of McCain’s nomination Americans will be treated to a very public court seesion for Jack Abramoff the now in jail Republican lobbyist who spilt the beans and had a four Republican aides and Republican Congressman/Senator outed and who is now preparing to spill some more beans in order to have his jail sentence reduced .

    Compassionate ‘conservatives ‘ my arse . From Ken Lay to Haliburton to Blackwater to Jack Abramoff to Cheney’s hoodlums this administration is by far the worst in recent American history 🙁

    Obama and Biden represent a better future for America and it’s people -and the people know it .

  • BfB

    Increasing the minimum wage hurts the lowest income sector. Well known and proven. Open your mouth wider and see if you can get both feet in.

  • Karlos

    The media here is disgustingly biased in favour of Obama. McCains hardly mentioned at all. Its political correctness gone mad and a its a good thing no-one here will be voting for him.

  • Greenflag

    Bfb ,

    ‘Increasing the minimum wage hurts the lowest income sector.’

    And also ensures they can’t ever afford health. Keeps them poor – and the prisons full -now 3,000,000 and counting . Make sure they have to work at 2 or 3 jobs to make a living wage and that way not only will they have no time to find out who it is who is screwing them but with any luck they won’t have time to vote either .

    Bush in his own words describes perfectly the Republican Party

    ‘Our enemies are innovative and resourceful , and so are we. They never stop thinking about about new ways to harm our country and our people and NEITHER DO WE ! ‘

    Once the fundamentalist terrorists knew what they up against in George Bush they very soon realised that left to himself and his neo con cronies Bush , Cheney , Rumsfeld et al were only too capable of harming the USA worse than any Middle East fundie could ever hope to 🙁

  • Greenflag

    “It’s hard for me to fathom how anyone who knows anything about Ireland would say this.’

    O’Dwyer is being melodramatic . In the ‘investment’ sense Northern Ireland will not benefit from an Obama win -in fact many multinationals may start to lose some of their ‘tax benefits’ from their overseas investments .McCain is more status quo on US overseas investments (and armies abroad to protect those investments ) rather than in the USA .

    President Cheney will not be amused .

    And now I read that the Iraqi Government (The USA’s only Mid East ally worthy of the name ) has signed a 3 billion dollar oil agreement with the Chinese.

  • Pete Baker


    Rather than offering statements on your ideology, it would be more conducive to the discussion if you were to present an argument.

    Preferably evidence-based.

  • BfB


    As soon as the minimum wage goes up..out with the high school kids in with the illegal mexicans.
    It’s about time you agreed with me.

  • latcheeco

    Ah the old minimum wage classic “Don’t give the poor better wages it’ll only hurt them.” How about trickle up economics for a change? More people with more money buy more things and stimulate the economy. “It’ll never work” you cry, “it’ll eat into profits/share holder dividends for the top five percent of Americans well before the market is stimulated”. What will they do? How will they live?

  • latcheeco

    Maybe because there’s nothing to say. Same old/Mc Cain old

  • BfB

    These arguments are not grounded in fact.
    You socialist, liberal, knuckleheads do not make the difference between facts and your blowhard, knowitall, opinions..

    Due to unintended effects, a law can achieve the opposite of its supporters’ intentions. The minimum wage is such a law. It is intended to reduce poverty, but it does not. Instead it encourages teenagers to drop out of school and reduces low-income workers’ future job prospects and earnings. Good intentions are not enough. Congress should not pass a destructive minimum wage hike that will harm the most vulnerable American workers.

    The voices clamoring for a minimum wage hike are getting ever louder. Proponents argue that the current wage level does not provide an adequate incentive for work. Also, they argue that an increase in the minimum wage will have only a very minor impact on jobs. These arguments are not grounded in fact. The impact of raising the minimum wage has been studied since its inception. All credible research has come to the same conclusion: raising the minimum wage hurts the poor. It takes away jobs, keeps people on welfare, and encourages high-school students to drop out. Policy makers should be clear on the consequence of higher minimum wages.

    BTW xMillions watched obie speech last night, as many as an American Idol final show. In fact the same people…how many voters do you think were in that crowd?

  • latcheeco

    So it’s nothing to do with fat-cat profits then BfB. I see now. Thank you. I’m officially no longer a knucklehead. You’re only trying to encourage the poor for their own good through low wages. Hunger’s a quare sauce and all that. I see now paying Americans a living wage will only encourage other Americans to move their businesses to China, so they should just be grateful and suck it up.

  • BfB

    fat-cat profits?
    Deaf, dumb, and blind…useful idiot.
    Facts, man..just the facts…
    Buzz words and shiny, spinny things don’t work outside of mommys basement…..

  • latcheeco

    I don’t see any facts BfB just assertions such as giving the poor more money will interupt their education. And of course there has been no corporate raping of America that’s why your useless idiot’s approval is so high. All you’ve got is assertions and name calling BfB which means ya got nothin.

  • Occassional Commentor


    “Well what else would you expect from a part Fenian? 🙂 Her mother’s name was Sheeran and she’qualifies as ‘irish -american ‘”

    Just to show how much I’ve learned since finding this blog:

    Is she a Catholic Fenian or a Protestant Fenian?

  • BfB

    My post #19 speaks for itself.
    Continue to whistle up the drainpipe.
    Your moonbat days are numbered.
    Get that Bush lied Al Queda died t-shirt out for one last lap.

  • Dewi

    “Increasing the minimum wage hurts the lowest income sector. Well known and proven.”

    Neither “well known” or “proven”. Indeed nonsense.

    “Is she a Catholic Fenian or a Protestant Fenian?”


  • Two points:

    1- This is an election to the presidency of the US and Northern Ireland really wont be a factor.

    2- The issue is not whether there is an ‘envoy’ to hear SF and the DUP bickering but whether there is a President who has a world view, cares about global issues such as the environment and security and is willing to use US diplomatic clout where it is needed rather then going to war with everyone.

    But then maybe we prefer people who like triggering crisis in this part of the world?

  • BfB

    When the Lord was handing out brains, you thought he said trains, and took two tin ones.
    Don’t let the facts get in the way of your prejudice.

  • Greenflag

    OC ,

    ‘Is she a Catholic Fenian or a Protestant Fenian?’

    Does’nt and won’t matter in this election . Neither will the NI issue or whatever is left of it. Not until the jaffa heads and provos start shooting each other on a decent scale in the streets of NI anyway . At the mere mention of NI the rest of the UK , Ireland and the USA already reach out to turn off the switch .

  • Dewi
  • Prionsa Eoghan

    Bob? Is that bfb’s name?


    That numptie has came away with a few crackers in his time, less articulate than Harry but just as slavish to those crazy neo-con principles of USA uber alles.

    Anyhow, I live in an area that has witnessed the benefit of the minimum wage. More people working means that less of my money is going to pay for them and their families. Although the government does tend to spend it on one or two foreign wars more than I’d like. The reason that more people are working is that the minimum wage allied with various tax credits allows people the freedom to work and contribute whereby before it just wasn’t worth their while. Thus the poverty cycle continued, I could point to many families that were 3 generations on the dole without any education or hope. Many have now changed their lifestyles, through work they meet people from a variety of areas, people with different outlooks on life.

    All are richer for it.

  • Dewi

    Bob from Boston Eoghan.

  • latcheeco

    Same old/McCain met this woman once and is willing to offer her up as president when he croaks.

  • BfB

    numptie. (Australian) Drunken aboriginal woman available for sex with all comers

    Get off the fence.
    Do ya like me or not?

  • BfB

    Bob from Boston Eoghan.

    Currently living in West Palm Beach…:-)

  • Prionsa Eoghan


    You are great entertainment. A bit of a nut-job but in a homely kinda kill em all way. Anyhow numtie is a Glesga term of affection for the slightly afflicted. Hence in that great comedy show Rab C. Nesbitt, Jamesy Cotter reports to the authorities that Rab’s brother has escaped from the lunatic asylum. Using the immortal words;

    “Hello Hen, ah’d like tae report an escaped numptie!”

    Of course a like ye. And having lived in Oz for near 9 years numptie is not a term I ever heard there.

  • susan

    “Numpty” not “numptie,” Bob.

    West Palm Beach, eh? Isn’t that where right wing American nationally syndicated radio ranter Rush Limbaugh always bought his drugs — literally? Where he was arrested for “doctor shopping” in his search for more and more prescription painkillers?
    I knew some of your posts sounded familiar.

    Still, I’ve got to give you props for one thing, Bob.

    It’s not as though you’ve put a dent in this site’s claims to have an objectively administered “ball not man” rule.

    It’s as though you’ve used a shoulder-fired surface to air missile and successfully vapourised it.

  • BfB

    Ann Coulter lives down here as well.
    She makes mince meat out of your ilk armed only with the truth.
    Continue to whine and complain….
    It’s the moonbat way…..
    Tsk, tsk.

  • BfB


    Point taken….
    I’ll try to do better….

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    No Bob don’t change, you’re greatttttttt;¬)

    And in truth, the sweeping Euroweeny hippy socialist digs make me laugh.

  • Greenflag

    Pete ,

    ‘Rather than offering statements on your ideology’

    I don’t have an ideology . I’m a pragmatist :). I believe you don’t advance a democracy by making the poor -poorer and you positively endanger a democracy by emisserating the lower middle and middle classes be it in the USA , Germany or anywhere else yes even in NI . By any measurement both those trends have been evident in the USA for the past 20 years and have accelerated under this administration. The war , oil prices and the property bubble melt down have just heightened the awareness of the majority of Americans who see through the Republican cant of ‘compassionate ‘ conservatism and government by ‘faith based ‘ extremists .

    These longer term trends will be the main reason imo why the Democrats will win the Senate , the House and the Presidency come November .

    Whether Obama /Biden will be able to reverse the slide in the emisseration of middle America and working class Americans and minorities is another story . But on balance they can hardly do a worse job than the present administration .

  • BfB

    Hey wait…..
    I’m a pragmatist…
    Eliminate all your anti-US whining, and non-factual
    rants–and 4000 words a post.
    And….we’re the same….

  • Greenflag

    Bfb ,

    ‘As soon as the minimum wage goes up..out with the high school kids in with the illegal mexicans.’

    So this is Republican ‘immigration ‘ policy . Keep the minimum wage low so that illegal mexican immigrants will not take the jobs of high school kids . Well how has it worked in practice then?

    Has the number of illegal immigrants reduced or increased during the Republican administration ?

    In February 2007 the Senate finally passed the bill for a minimum wage increase
    BUT it was loaded up with more than $8.3 billion in corporate tax breaks. If their goodies for business weren’t included, Senate Republicans said they would preserve the current poverty wage of $5.15, where it has been stuck for 10 years.

    “Republicans are demanding billions in corporate tax breaks in exchange for a $2 bump in the minimum wage. As they play their political games, low-income workers continue to wait for their first raise in a decade,” Gerald W. McEntee said in a released statement.

    “Business doesn’t need another break; the working poor do. The American people have spoken on the minimum wage issue. Republican leaders had better start listening to them, or their lopsided November defeat is going to be a preview of what’s to come in 2008.”

    The Republican defeat in the November 2006 election will look like a victory when the Nov 2008 election takes place .

  • BfB

    That’s what’s great about America…
    the numptie grandson of a poor Mayo man who finds himself living large in West Palm beach, after having a ’60s education (MBA by current US public education standards), and more than a few good, hardworking years…able to defend hearth and home, with brilliantly successful, non-affirmative action assisted children…
    Like another grateful immigrant success story, Yakov Smirnoff, says.
    America, what a country!!

  • BfB

    Talk a long walk off a short pier.

  • Prionsa Eoghan

    >>America, what a country!!< >a poor Mayo man<

  • Dewi

    Bob – u might want to read the link I posted – it’s quite persuasive. BTW I’m quite a fan of your links – keeps us all in touch with the latest lunatic neo-con thought.

    Susan – so strange – I always thought Rush Limbaugh was a girl – live and learn eh.

  • BfB


    I did read the link you posted and it underscores the fact that you can’t tell a USA from a UK…
    They’re different…..
    And thanks for all your obama like holier than thou, condescension….It’s so eeeeeeYOU

  • Dewi

    New Jersey – abstract only

    Any evidence from California BfB? – I can only find academically protected stuff.

  • latcheeco

    “pity about Americans”
    Easy prince, lets not get started on to misquote Renton’s words to Sickboy, your bonnny wee mob:
    “we’re effete arseholes,…the lowest of the low.. the English are merely wankers, we on the other hand are colonised by wankers”

  • latcheeco

    Ann Coultwer Bob?
    Didn’t she say she’d vote for Hilery before McCain?

  • latcheeco

    Prince, that should read: “started on, to misquote Renton’s words to sickboy, your” Hangovers are a bitch 🙁

  • The issue is not whether there is an ‘envoy’ to hear SF and the DUP bickering but whether there is a President who has a world view, cares about global issues such as the environment and security and is willing to use US diplomatic clout where it is needed rather then going to war with everyone.

    Conall, stop trying to apply common sense to Northern Ireland politics. It doesn’t work.

  • Greenflag

    Preview –Podium speech at Republican Convention –Chairman Professor Bfb presiding

    Speaker :

    ‘Senator John McCain’s choice of a woman for VP makes it clear to all American women that they must now stop wavering in their support of the Democrats and give up those subversive thoughts which they inherited from the feminist movement before they were ‘liberated’ by the Republican Party under George Bush during the past 8 years .

    ‘Most unfortunately ‘ said Mrs B (Republican delegate from Florida)

    ‘What was that ?” said the speaker .

    ‘I mean too many subversive thoughts still survive even among Republican women ‘ said Mrs Brown .

    ‘You are quite right ‘ said the speaker . The women of America know, especially the single mothers and the elderly and minority women that today the USA is the best country in the world for women, even if they do live shorter lives than other developed countries and even if they have the highest neo natal mortality rate of developed countries and even if there are more American women in prison per head of the population than anywhere else in the developed world . And while it is true that American women are now earning less in real terms. and are now submerged under a mountain of credit card debt , disappearing home equity values , –rising medical care costs, and college tuition fees nevertheless it must be pointed out that by earning less money they will be much better off as our Chariman Professor Bfb has indicated in many of his above explanatory posts .

    Furthermore Professor Bfb ‘s thesis that the less one earns the more prosperous one becomes is so obvious that even a child can see the logic . His proposal that women should earn nothing at all and thus become truly rich is a remarkable indication of the sheer stupendous genius of the man from Massachussets . What woman will not vote for Chairman Professor Bfb’s Republican Party given such genius ?

    Only Democrats , Independents , Muslims and Non Evangelical Protestants , Jews , Catholics , African Americans and Liberal pinkos are unwilling to see that even if the women of America work themselves to death in two or three jobs in order to make a living, it is for their own good . Even if they starve to death and can’t afford health care or avoid seeking medical treatment then this is also to our Corporate Republcian sorry ahem ‘american’ advantage .

    ‘Hear Hear ‘ cried Chairman Bfb .

    Speaker ‘

    ‘Once enough men and women have starved or exhausted themselves from working three jobs then America will save on it’s food supplies .

    There is only one final point fellow Republicans . How can we tell our socialist and liberal enemies from our friends ?

    Professor Bfb (speaking up in strong clear voice )’

    ‘That’s easy Mr Speaker’ said Professor Bfb

    ‘Our enemy is a man or woman who is not pleased when his or her job is outsourced to China or Mexico . Our enemy is anybody who is not happy when then his or her wages are cut or somebody who is not delighted when asked to work longer hours for the same wages and who is not pleased to starve to death if it becomes necessary for trickle down economics to be seen to work . Our enemy is somebody who refuses to believe that the most important issues in this election are abortion rights , faith based education , the ten commandments –the coming rapture and the soon to follow Armageddon .


  • latcheeco

    Never mind all that Bob! Gustav just moved up to Cat 4

  • latcheeco

    LOL. Jaysus Greenflag for somebody who wants to give Antrim to the Brits you’re quare crack. 🙂

  • Prionsa Eoghan


    Aye that wan fae trainspottin will come back to haunt us. Top writing though. And I was only joking about the ham shanks hence the wink………………Great people, but their world view now that is another thing aaaaaaaltogether.


    Nae wonder Bob loves you.

  • susan

    Bob, may be your Ann Coulter would make mincemeat out of me, but no worries — your heroine is bulimic, she’d spit me right out. That straight talker who calls evolution a “failed religion” and the Christian who advocates that people who disagree with her politically be hit with baseball bats or murdered.

    Are those the American values that led your grandfather to leave Mayo for a better life in the USA? Some how I doubt it.

    Nowhere in your biography have you mentioned your military service, or that of your children. Maybe that is why you can cackle so gleefully over the obscenity of an American administration that bans photographs of the flag-draped coffins of servicemen and women killed in the line of duty, lest they interfere with all that “shop til you drop” patriotism and sacrifice.

  • Greenflag

    Latchiko (dublin spelling 🙂

    ‘for somebody who wants to give Antrim to the Brits you’re quare crack.’

    Antrim ? Shure it’s just only a few basalt rocks a couple of hills and a shower of miserable dour faced bastards 🙂 The Brits deserve them don’t you think 🙂

    Anyway I’m not giving – The Brits already have Antrim and the poor sods are trying to do the best they can for the shower of ungrateful and miserable reprobates .

    They should invite Professor Bfb over to persuade the locals in Antrim that lowering their wages and benefits is in their own interest .

    I would fear that Professor Bfb might nae see the shores of sunny Palm Beach ever again 🙂 Nonetheless the sight of a flayed alive Massachussetts retiree being found somewhere near the Giants Causeway should drum up interest re NI on CNN and Fox TV for a few minutes . No way to increase the tourist business though 🙂

  • latcheeco

    “shop till you drop”
    Jaysus Suzy go easy, you’ll have me defending Bob 🙂

  • latcheeco

    Jaysus Greenflag your great-granda must be spinnin’. You Dubs would sell your mothers 🙂

  • latcheeco

    And to think Antrim men taught yall about republics Greenflag.

  • Greenflag

    For all Republican /GOP supporters especially Professor Bfb

    The Republican version of American Idol or

    ‘Question Time for Born Agains – And the Saved ‘

    Guess Who ?

    Which ex mayor who hoped to e President had a mistress in his home while hos wife and children were there ?

    Which presidential candidate had an affair , then divorced his wife who had been disfigured in an accident the married the much younger and (very rich ) mistress ?

    Which prominent Senator divorded his cancer stricken wife and left her for his mistress ?

    Which Senatro solicited sex in the men’s room of a major Airport ?

    Which prominent lawmaker admitted to having an affair while investigating Clinton’s ?

    Which prominent moral majority leader claimed 9/11 was America’s punishment from God because of America’s ‘evil ‘ ways ?

    Which evangelical leader and born againer who constantly blasted Clinton , solicited sex and drugs from a male prostitute ?

    Don’t know ? Here’s a hint.
    They were and are all ‘Moral’ Republicans 🙁

  • Greenflag

    latchiko ,

    You Dubs would sell your mothers 🙂

    But only for a profit :).

    ‘And to think Antrim men taught yall about republics Greenflag’

    Eaten bread is soon forgotten latchiko – even in Dublin 🙂

  • BfB


    You’re obviously devastated by the epoch VP choice of McCain. Step away from the crack pipe and watch some Three Stooges movies. It’s only going to get worse for you, from now on.

  • Pete Baker


    Just try to keep it civil?

    And preferably on topic.


    1. Nobody said NI really would be a factor.

    2. As above on the envoy question.

    As I mentioned in the original post, McCain has already intervened here effectively.

    But the quote in the headline does seem appropriate, at least for now, for any prospective Obama presidency – including on his world-view.

    That would have implications for the concerns I noted in my thoughts on the wider view.

  • Greenflag


    ‘by the epoch VP choice of McCain.’

    You probably meant epic . Apocryphal would have been more apt but hey that’s too long a word and sounds like apocalyse :(.

  • Greenflag

    Obama has a foot in the USA , Asia and Africa by immediate family background . He may not be the most nuanced in foreign policy detail but that’s why he chose Biden . McCain is an old cold warrior who’s world view is dangerously out of date . Russia is not the Soviet Union .

    The fact that he picked Sarah Palin as his running mate is an indication that his ‘judgement ‘ may be on the wane also.

    While Joe Biden is on record at favouring the ‘partitioning ‘ of Iraq as between the Kurds , Shiites and Sunnis it would be too much to hope for , that he would draw the same ‘result’ for Northern Ireland .

    It would appear that the American intervention in Iraq has opened up old wounds among the various ethnic and religious factions to such an extent that ‘humpty dumpty’ will not be put back together again . Iraq is the former Yugoslavia with oil . And it’s oil is the primary reason why the USA is there .

  • Comrade Stalin

    I cannot see how Republican Party supporters are in a position to talk about how the interests of the economy are best managed. This is a party with a consistent record, starting with Reagan, of deficit spending. How is deficit spending in any way a sensible way to run the economy ? What’s more, the Republicans at the minute do not appear to have a plan concerning how this debt is going to be settled. There’s really only two ways – increase taxes or cut spending. Since McCain has in fact offered to cut taxes, the deficit is likely to increase still faster in the abscence of spending cuts. So what federal government spending is going to get cut ?

    I had to laugh at the idea that increasing the minimum wage encourages kids to leave school instead of completing their education. As if kids across the country are right now saying “damn. I’d love to leave school and start earning some cash, but the wages are too low, so I’ll just stay”. In any case, this matter is quite easily addressed by passing legislation that prevents the minimum wage being granted (in full) to anyone under 18, which is the way it’s done in the UK. Nope – opposition to the minimum wage is about people denying people a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work.

  • dosser

    Ok, let’s return to the topic; whichever candidate wins the upcoming election will not alter the US’s current status of detachment.

    The President does not handpick the envoy to NI; he delegates this position to the Director of Polcy Planning, and they decide whether to take this post. Hass and Reiss, as former Directors of Policy Planning, chose to taken on the burden of NI envoy, because of the fragile nature of the peace process. However, with the termination of Reiss’s tenureship, who, coincidentally backed Mitt Romney, the subsequent Director of Policy Planning, Stephen Krasner, decided to pass the position of NI envoy down the food chain to Dobrianski.

    In other words, the US has already detached itself from the NI peacxe process. If, for example, there was some crisis in with power sharing, such as the collapse of the executive, the status may change.

    Don’t expect McCain because of his so-called Ulster Scots heritage to take anymore of an interested perspective in NI.

  • BfB


    Thank you so much for the correction. My choice of words sometimes miss one mark or another…

    [play the ball – edited moderator]

  • Greenflag

    Comrade Stalin

    ‘opposition to the minimum wage is about people denying people a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. ‘

    It’s actually worse than that . It takes 97 hours of work at the minimum wage rate to afford a basic existence – i.e rent for an apartment, food , clothing and normal household expenditure . I don’t know the exact percentage of Americans living at minimum wage level or slightly above it but it must be in the tens of millions and probably more than 10% ie 30 million people . There would be a very hhigh correlation between these people and the number 45 million without health insurance .

    A high proportion of minimum wagers would be illegal immigrants -african americans and poorly educated whites living in economically marginal states.