The PSNI is failing

…but it is all the politicians fault for its ineffectiveness as a policing service. As they have created:

“…the PSNI as a political statement and thus they judge the PSNI’s success not by its effectiveness, but by its existence. And that, sad to say, makes the PSNI the latest in a long line of political police forces here.”

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Bring back the RUC

  • The Third Policeman

    Reband the B Specials!

  • cynic

    Anyone seen a police force that isn’t political? All policing is a political act. They key issue is, is it party political or biased towards now faction or another or is it done fairly and accountably

  • “So the next time you wonder why nothing has been done about your burgled house or your stolen car, do not ring the police. Ring your local MLA. That’s where the problem lies.”

    Does Murphy not have a clue about the role played by the BIIC Joint Secretariat in policing policy and ‘sensitive’ day-to-day decisions? Perhaps he hasn’t read the Dick Spring briefing or talked to SDLP politicians.