“I had my eyes closed in the dark”

If you’re interested, BBC2 is about to broadcast, 11pm, a BBC4 Session with Van Morrison – sample clips here. Although, sadly, it won’t include The Philosopher’s Stone’s version of Wonderful Remark. Btw, George Ivan Morrison’s most reluctant session was previously noted here. Adds Not the version I mentioned, but a shortened live version – with an added extra.

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    You would think a talented wealthy bloke like that would smile and enjoy it a bit more. I mean he does come across as one humpy miserable so & so, like someone who lost a fiver and found a pound.

  • Pete Baker

    You’ve not been watching the BBC4 sessions broadcast then.


    Some of it Pete and……….can you see something I can’t? Are there coded messages of smiles & happiness coming out I have missed?

  • Harry Flashman

    Ah those dull, narrow-minded, culture-less, thick, unartistic, anal retentive, Ulster prods eh?

  • USA

    I think it is widely known amongst his fan base the George “The Man” Ivan Morrison has long suffered from bouts of depression.
    He is a great musician and perhaps one of the great things to come out of Belfast. George Best, flawed as he also was, is another that springs to mind).
    Van is the Man – a legend here in the US and musically vastly superior to that arse Bono. Although I do concede Bono seems to have done some good (non musical) work in Africa.

  • If Van looks surly, most of those around him were obviously enjoying themselves hugely. So they don’t think he’s a grumpy fuck.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Ah Van’s probably a real charmer, gift of the gab and a twinkle in the eye, for he managed to woo former Miss Ireland Michelle Rocca. Probably serenaded her night and day!

  • He doesn’t need to smile with a voice like that.

  • susan

    LUriG, if we lose the talented moody feckers, do you know who is left? Moody feckers with no perceptible talent whatsoever, that’s who. :o)

    A favourite of mine, Pete, and right for the day that was in it. Clinging to some other rainbow, indeed.

  • Pete Baker

    Indeed, susan.

    I tried to find the Philosopher’s Stone version online, but it just doesn’t seem to be there.

    I might have to give it the You Can’t Always Get What You Want treatment..

    And Lurig..

    What malachi said.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Another titan of Irish music with a very distinctive voice, Ronnie Drew of the Dubliners, has died today after his battle with cancer.

  • paul kielty

    Growing up, van the man was central to me and my mates musical education. It was a time we all loved. So cut the man some slack! So what if he isn’t media savvy, Thank god!
    Just enjoy the moments. He is his own man and not some plastic media whore. Fair play to him!

    BTW, shame about ronnie drew, a pure, distinctive voice.

  • susan

    Well, I sampled the Philosopher’s Stone version of “Wonderful Remark” on itunes, but I am not sure if I should download it. I think I’m too old school to be swayed from the version I fell in love with when “Best of Van Morrison” came out in the late eighties.

    It’s just not the same if you give up the old horns.

  • Pete Baker

    Perhaps, susan.

    But 8mins of gloriousness.. with flute in place of those old horns..

    “cut loose, cut loose..” :o)

    I’ll try to put the Stone version up tomorrow.

  • susan

    I’m listening to the whole take now.

    It’s working. :o)

  • Pete Baker