Racial Discrimination Cases Surge In South

Reports of racial discrimination made to the Equality Tribunal in the south of Ireland have jumped dramatically in the past twelve months, up 100% in that period. The figures are contained in the Equality Tribunal’s annual report, and come in the aftermath of a successful case taken by an Englishman who was subjected to sustained racial abuse in his workplace and who, earlier this week, was awarded 20,000euro in compensation.

  • Tom

    It looks like its not just the equality commision here thats wasted money and criminalising normal people. They should never have let so many foreigners in, in the first place.

    I do hope they ban headscarfs and burkas in the south they’re banned in most Muslim countries. In Egypt hardly anyone wore a headscarf in the 70’s now they are cumpulsory.

    How long before they start selling black Leprechauns wearing headscarves?

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    hahaha! Tom you’re hilarious. Improbably thick and bigoted but hilarious nonetheless, ya daft racist.

  • rabelais

    ‘How long before they start selling black Leprechauns wearing headscarves?’

    Yes, I think its important that we defend our own national stereotypes and tourist-tat from foreign influences.

  • rabelais

    Actually, now I come to think of it, what colour are leprechauns? Anyone ever seen one?

  • kensei

    ‘How long before they start selling black Leprechauns wearing headscarves?’

    I’d buy one.

  • Wilde Rover

    So the colleagues of the English worker said “send the Brit in.” Was he actually sent into these places or was this something his co-workers just said? Could this just be a reference to World War One, i.e. “send the Paddies”?

    Not exactly the cutting edge of wit but is it racist?

    Slagging the English about football is racist now too? And singing songs of a political nature is racist?

    When did slagging people transform into racism?

    Is the equality tribunal aware of the existence of Slugger O’Toole? Do they know that almost everyone here under this type of definition is a racist?

    Clearly, the only way to be sure that this scourge of racism does not spread is to cut the tongues out of the heads of everyone who has ever posted on slugger, and to cut off their fingers and cut off their Internet.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    This news is very, very disappointing.
    Is it probably coz the Celtic Tiger is now hurtin’ and that folk have become sensitive and disgruntled? Are folk now no longer the poor peasant paddy but coz they have a few shillings they think they are a ‘somebody’ with a chip on their shoulder?

    Or has David Trimble’s comments where he called the Irish Replublic a monoracial, monocultural state come back to haunt us?

    Na, definitely not, for we adapted quite really well overall to all the folk from abroad coming to our shores! We now have a great diversity of nationals, something that our one time monoracial, monocultural, god fearing, paupery, popish, people needed!

    It could be peaks and troughs however like crime figures!

    I Googled to get Dave Trimble’s exact comments and I was directed to that ‘Stormfront’ website. Jesus, what an appaling assortment of deranged and disturbed people. The race hate on display is absolutely appaling! People can be evil! Thomas Hobbes philosophy holds some truth in this case!

  • The Equality Tribunal has only been in existence for a few years so it will take some time for folks to become aware of its existence and confident in its ability to deliver.

    It’s sister body is the Equality Authority.

  • Dave

    This is only going to get worse as the economy slows down and Irish people begin competing with non-Irish people for jobs and social housing, etc. The problem with allowing so many low-paid unskilled emigrants into the country is their lack of mobility: when the jobs go, the emigrants stay, whereas the highly-paid skilled migrants move to where the jobs are or return to their country of origin.

    Brian Lenihan, when he was Minister for Justice, was very keen to grant voting rights to European immigrants. If this was extended to referendum (and this was the ultimate intent behind the step-by-step proposal), it would guarantee a Yes vote for pro-EU referendums since it is EU law that encourages free movement of people within its member states and those who have taken advantage of EU agendas in this way would most likely support the system that has allowed their mobility. In effect, we’d be bounced into a federal Europe by self-serving Europhiles and that would be a distortion of the democratic process that should not be allowed to occur.

    Officially, immigration is put at around 10% but it is closer to double that figure. No other country would allow that, and it that influx is unfrequented in Europe, resulting, of course, in state services being overwhelmed with the extra burden.

  • Dave

    Typo: “and that influx is unprecedented in Europe”

  • Greenflag

    What a surprise . So now we know that we Irish are no different from every other country that has immigrants and falls on hard times . Who said human nature is’nt universal ? When times are good thank you for helping our economy -when times are bad sod off back to your own country . Ah ‘Sovereignty once again’ ye can’t beat it .

    Now assume we had no immigrants and Ireland was heading for a recession with rising unemployment etc . Remember the mid 1980’s when over 200,000 left the Republic . Then it was’nt the ‘immigrants’ fault . It was the irresponsible and spendthrift policies of a succession of governments who borrowed hundreds of millions to pay for wage increases for a bloated public sector . By the time they sorted out the problem the Irish had stopped having children (reduced their average family size) and the only way for the economy to grow was to bring in young immigrants .

    If many of these young immigrants leave we Irish can expect to pay more for services and more for unemployment as alongside building workers -teachers and hospital workers around the country will become aware that there not enough children to keep them in jobs .

    More cases like that of the Englishman who got 20,000 for being ‘slagged’ at work can be expected . While it’s essential that we have an Equality Tribunal and Authority am I the only who sees that the biggest beneficiaries of ‘anti foreigner sentiment ‘ will once again be the legal fraternity:( It’ll help to make up the shortfall in ‘fees’ that the lads are suffering from with the ‘revenue stream ‘ fall being experienced as a result the slow property market .

    But before we all rush to make a mountain out of a molehill most people here have accepted the high level of immigration while being concerned that ‘illegal’ immigration’ is dealt with effectively by the authorities .

    The larger debate over ‘immigration’ and labour mobility and how much can any country ‘absorb’ is not just an Irish problem but is found in most developed countries .

    I recall my ‘wise’ mother saying many years ago pre any Celtic Tiger, that the way of the world was that the poor have children and the rich have money and property . In pre immigrant societies (Europe -1900 to 1950) a dynamic was always at work where the fewer numbers of the rich with fewer children were always being replaced from within their own ‘national ‘ societies , by the ‘brightest ‘ of the rising middle/lower middle and working classes who had more children. Fast forward to 2008 when the latter classes among indigenous Irish , English, French , Germans, Americans etc have for several decades not replaced their ‘indigenous’ numbers then it can be seen that it’s been only through ‘immigration ‘ that these economies have been able to maintain and in some cases increase average living standards.

    We are in a ‘new ‘ paradigm . The ‘global market’ doesn’t care who gets the goods to market at the right price- immigrant or native .

  • BfB

    Multiculturalist will rot your country from the inside, as they are doing in the US. Immigrant groups will sue for documents in their language, special troughs to wash their feet, their own holidays. And don’t insult their religion/culture/whatever or you’ll pay. Look at Canuckistan. The tip of the iceberg. You’re screwed. Say bye to Irish culture..you raaaaaaaaaaaacist bastids!

  • BfB

    Multiculturalist will rot your country from the inside, as they are doing in the US. Immigrant groups will sue for documents in their language, special troughs to wash their feet, their own holidays. And don’t insult their religion/culture/whatever or you’ll pay. Look at Canuckistan. The tip of the iceberg. You’re screwed. Say bye to Irish culture..you raaaaaaaaaaaacist bastids!

  • BfB


  • Seimi

    Was the ‘oops’ for posting twice, or for posting that racist bollix twice?

  • Congal Claen

    Congrats to Chris Donnelly for blogging this. A welcome change…

  • manichaeism

    That video is quite frightening Bfb

  • cynic

    What about the poor old Travelers? Now they must be being displaced in the hierarchy of people the Irish can despise and look down on. Where will they go next? Are they now upwardly mobile given people have someone else to hate and victimize?

    And isn’t it nice to see all these racists coming out in Ireland now? Sure didn’t Gerry always tell us it was only the Prods that were suspicious of foreigners while the True Irish Celtic Race (TM) always welcomed them with open arms.

  • cynic

    And can I share a little story. A friend’s son was working in the Republic recently and got a bit of a hard time from some of the locals. Nothing violent, just continual low level jibes, suspicion and jokes. Why? Because he was from the North. Not because he was a Prod or a Catholic – just because he wasn’t from the Republic so they regarded him as foreign.

    So much for the aspiration for a United Ireland

  • Greenflag

    He was from the Englsih midlands -about 9 years of age and had a squinty eye and a funny accent . Every summer he came to visit his ‘cousins ‘ my pals . We did’nt like the way he sounded or the fact that he was a skinny little snotty nose . Nobody wanted to play with the ‘foreigner’ not even his cousins . One day he had enough of being jeered and made fun of so he threatened the jeerer with a dig in the gob if he did’t stop. The jeerer did’nt stop . The dig came and blood poured from the jeerers nose and then they began to fight . The little ‘englishman ‘ lost out in the end but after that he was one of us . And we looked forward to him coming every summer .

    I suspect the Englishman who escaped with 20,000 might have done better had he perhaps used his fist or threatened to . Building sites everywhere are renowned for not being places where those of an hyper sensitive disposition should frequent 🙂

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    “So much for the aspiration for a United Ireland”

    Aye indeed, but we’ll have to have Meath and West Meath united first!

  • Greenflag


    ‘That video is quite frightening Bfb’

    You got that right . I would’nt mess with a Jewish lawyer either .

    Bfb ,

    I read the USA will have a majority of minorities by 2040 with the paleskins down to 45% ? By that time we in Ireland should still be a whiter shade of pale especially if this rain doesn’t stop.

    PS -there is only one human race but there are thousands of cultures and ethnic groups .

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Regarding our good ol’ English neighbours, but there were quite several in last job I worked in
    (graphics industry), as well as many other foreign nationals, from as far as India, Brazil and Australia. We all got on great and headed out regularly to the pub. One English guy was even an avid Rangers supporter,(as well as supporting Liverpool…..uuuugggh, United = Champions!) They
    all generally loved a pint of the black stuff as well as the ceol and craic!

  • Greenflag


    ‘Because he was from the North. Not because he was a Prod or a Catholic -‘

    This one is about 30 years old but it might give an insight .It’s a joke with a message .

    Question :

    What’s the difference between a NIC (Northern Irish Catholic) a NIP ( Norn Ireland Prod ) and an Englishman ?

    Answer :

    When you hit the NIC on the head with a sledgehammer you have to tell him to fall down . When you hit the NIP on the head with the same sledgehammer you have to explain to him slowly why he must fall down.

    And when you do the same for the Englishman he says’

    ‘Ta mate can you do it again please’

    Cos he’s the poor bastard who’s paying through the nose so that the aformentioned NICS & NIPS can beat the crap out of each other without concern for the cost :(.

    Lighten up lads and do remember that Ireland is the only country in Europe that had a Jewish pogrom (incited by a Catholic Redemptorist priest Gobshite ) in which nobody got killed (Limerick ), and in which the Jews who were chased out were rehoused by the good citizens of Cork -made restitution to . and one named Goldberg went on to be elected Lord Mayor of the city.

    I recall that in the years 1920 through 1980 or later ? Belfast elected several Catholic Mayors isn’t that so ? Can’t seem to recall their names . The memory is going 🙁

  • We salute our ill eductaed neighbours

    Good old Jordanstown where the staff arranged that compulsory interviews were not done on alphabetical order so that all the locals (BAR ONE) could do them and get the marks for doing so but the African students were arranged for a day when one of the staff was in dreary Coleraine and said interviews were cancelled.
    Despite having a few months notice they could not find toher arrangements.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    … must mention the area of Dublin that was called ‘Little Jerusalem’, Greenflag, where the Jewish Dubs lived…Not forgetting the Briscoe’s of Dublin, an avid Fianna Fail family, Ben Briscoe was Lord Mayor of Dublin in the 80’s!

  • Greenflag

    Greagoir O Frainclin ,

    Indeed – mostly around the Coombe -the South Circular and Clanbrassil St IIRC . The grandfather always voted the Briscoes .

  • Devil Éire


    … must mention the area of Dublin that was called ‘Little Jerusalem’

    Speaking of which – I hope the Bretzel Bakery is still going strong. I have fond memories of bagels, bretzels and more exotic holiday specials from around the corner on Sundays.

  • Dave

    What a bunch of pussies, eh? As an architect, if I picked up a handy 20 grand for every time someone used an ethnic slur on the building sites of Dublin I’d have more wads of cash stashed in safes and up chimneys that Bertie Ahern.

  • Greenflag

    Devil ire ,

    That it is but under new management . It’s at 1a Lennox St , Portobello , Dublin .

    The sweet smells of the bakery have been wafting down South Richmond Street since the 1870’s and have inspired love and loyalty in the hearts of Dubliners. Still known as the Jewish bakery and even though the Kosher certificate is no longer there, the tradition and quality remains. The recipes and the (sitting room-sized) double-decked brick oven have not changed much in the past 100 years.

    Back in the 1900’s the Grinspon family ran a small bakery here. The Elliman family took it over in 1910. The chain of Jewish ownership was broken when the Christe Hackett took it over from Ida Stein in the 1960’s, however the Bretzel Bakery was strictly Kosher bakery until the mid 1990’s. The Hackett family was the custodian until the end of the century, when ill-health forced a sale. A new century – a new owner, William Despard stepped in to revitalize this institution which is the Bretzel Bakery.’

    Can you still smell it ?

  • The context needs to be understand. We have seen the growth of an “anti-racism industry” down here, in which agencies compete for subsidies from the govt on an anti-racism ticket, and therefore have an incentice to exaggerate the problem. This is part of a vigorous agenda by the liberal elites in Leinster House to silence critical debate on immigration policy so as to bring in cheap labour for their corporate-benefactors, hiding behind “anti-racism” to disguise such motives. Of course I condemn racism but I also condemn attempts to silence the debate on immigration policy down here.

  • Harry Flashman

    Ding ding, we have a winner folks, FutureTaoiseach gets right to the point.

    Ireland and the Irish people are no more nor less racist than they ever were, but now there are lots of people whose livelihoods and index linked pensions depend on convincing the government, and the sappy media who suck this nonsense up, that in fact Ireland is a steaming hotbed of racist hatred and the only way it can be counteracted is by giving them more money.

    Thank you FT for bringing some overdue clarity to this discussion.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    fair play Chris – a bit of balanced blogging – very welcome! You gonna do a piece on the 2 coleraine lads getting to finals of the rowing?

  • Rabelais

    FT and Harry have a point.

    As a loony-leftie I don’t like agreeing with Harry Flashman too often (it is injurous to my sense of self-righteousness) but the money to be made of a litigatous liberalism is indecent in itself, has damaged the anti-racist movement and alienated sections of the public who might otherwise be sympathetic. There is no substitute for a campaigning approach combat racism.

  • BfB

    Was the ‘oops’ for posting twice, or for posting that racist bollix twice?

    Thanks for making my point.

  • BfB

    PS -there is only one human race but there are thousands of cultures and ethnic groups .

    Thanks to God for wee educated bright ones like yourself.

    I never mentioned shades of anything. You did.
    It’s the culture I lament, not the color of peoples skin.

  • puca

    I’m with FutureTaoiseach here too.
    It’s getting ridiculous at home. One of my mothers friends recently had to give evidence at a tribunal for a Polish ex-colleague who worked in a Petrol station. He claimed he was discriminated against because he was Polish and male because the manager asked him to bring in heavy items to the shop part of the station instead of my mothers friend who is female and Irish (also in her late 50s). He also claimed he was given the worst hours because he was Polish. This was all after he had apparently amicably left the business, with a good reference and without ever having made a complaint to any supervisor. He won thousands in compensation and two of his friends who were with him every day of the case have also won compensation from former employers.
    Now another member of staff (Irish) is trying to take that man to court because he constantly referred to him as a ‘Paddy’ …
    Another friend of mine’s father is a Garda and he was threatened by a Lithuanian man he arrested who told him he would kill him and his family but when he told his supervisor he was told not to take it any further because it could be seen as a racist complaint?!

  • barnshee

    The context needs to be understand. We have seen the growth of an “anti-racism industry”

    Welcome to the world of equal opportunity legislation.

    Says it all– its been a feature of the UK for years –I worked in a professional office where an incompetent typist claimed that continually returning her work (because it was crap)was racial discrimination. Organisation paid £5000 to settle “out of court” – the costs of defending such actions are horrendous- its often cheaper to pay up. Until there is a rebalancing of the system to ensure that false complainants are subjet to the same levels of penalty as employers it will continue.

  • Greenflag

    rabelais ,

    ‘the money to be made of a litigatous liberalism is indecent in itself, ‘

    True but I’d guess it’s a whole lot less than the money to be made from tribunals, commissions , enquiries etc , in both the public and private sectors . The ‘legal ‘ fraternity win hands down all the time . Mr Irish taxpayer gets it in the neck as usual 🙁

    FT has a point but he assumes too much re corporate ‘benefactors ‘ We haven’t got to USA levels of direct corporate litigious influence on Government. When a Wexford strawberry farmer has to bring in Latvians and Lithuanians to harvest his crop it’s not because he’s a corporate benefactor it’s because he can’t get local Irish employees to do the work . Same goes for lots of small business contractors . They’re either not there , or won’t work for the money being offered. It’s the ‘market’ in action.

    As I said above Ireland is not ‘immune ‘ to the economic and social impact of ‘globalisation’ and free trade and labour mobility throughout the EU . Nor can we be immune from the demographic changes accompanying such changes . But we knew that when we joined the EU or did we ?. Nobody foresaw the mid 1980’s indigenous exodus or it’s mid 1990’s mass immigration reverse .

    Overall ‘immigration ‘ has been a great boon for the economy IMO but our Government is only now wakening up to some of the not so positive side effects . Understandable I suppose given that most of them grew up in an Ireland that exported it’s ‘ surplus’ to requirements population and made ‘government ‘ so much less contentious than it might otherwise have been . The word used I believe was the ’emigration safety valve ‘ . In a variant of the above our new immigrants were also an economic stimulus valve without whom our present relative prosperity could not have been built .

  • Greenflag

    Bfb ,

    ‘It’s the culture I lament’

    What culture ? Irish or if American (which variant Southern Born again Dixie or Northern Liberal )

    Elucidate – mental telepathy doesn’t work 🙂

  • earnan


    I agree with you on too much multiculturalism. The great thing about America is that people adopt and assimilate to the American culture. I fear this may not be the case as much anymore as in some school districts here they are teaching in Spanish!!!

    I have dual citizenship with the Republic and I have stronly been considering moving there for awhile now, and this shift in demographics here is not a small factor.

  • Greenflag

    earnan ,

    You might want to reconsider a move purley on linguistic grounds 🙂

    Spanish is a lot easier and closer to English than Polish or Mandarin Chinese . Irish is of course much more difficult for English speakers than Spanish .

    I’ve given up on Polish 🙁 but am trying hard with Chinese -I mean if 1,300,000,000 people speak it it can’t be all that difficult right ?

    And as we’re on the Chinese you might want to ask your BFB genius mentor how come the Chinese Communists now have all the money and are obviously doing a lot better at business than the USA ? and also why the Neo Cons have sold the futures of America’s children and grandchildren to overseas countries and will be in hock up to their eyeballs to the Chinese communists for the next 50 years?

  • earnan

    China is doing much better and doing a lot better than America in business? Tell that to over 800 million chinese living on rouhgly 2$ a day. Also,tell that to those factory workers who are not allowed to leave their jobs.

    I actually speak Spanish somewhat fluently (studied there for a semester and worked with my church in Gautemala one summer). What I meant was that in some publically funded school districts in California kids are being taught Math, History, etc, in Spanish. (although I think courts have stopped this)

    English is the langauge of America, not Spanish. When you come to a new country (hopefully legally), you have to learn their language. Not the other way around.

  • Greenflag

    earnan ,

    ‘Tell that to over 800 million chinese living on rouhgly 2$ a day. Also,tell that to those factory workers who are not allowed to leave their jobs.’

    You left out the other 500 million and the Chinese Government who are propping up the dollar and keeping the USA from an even worse ‘recession ‘ than the one it is now facing into by buying US Treasury Bills . Chinese ‘real’ incomes have been increasing over the past 15 years . The USA’s real incomes have been relatively static apart from the top 1 to 5% of the population .

    ‘English is the langauge of America, not Spanish.’

    I think you meant the United States and perhaps Canada and some of the Caribbean islands ?

    In South America there are 371 million people of whom 150 million speak Portuguese the rest 220 million speak Spanish , Central America has 40 million and Mexico 90 million . Total about 370 million in America North/South and Central speak Spanish as their first language . English ranks second with approx 280 -300 million million including Canada and then there are probably some 40 million in the USA who are at various levels of bilingualism as between Spanish and English .

    ‘When you come to a new country (hopefully legally), you have to learn their language. Not the other way around.’

    I agree . The pressure on new immigrants to learn English is modifed by the ease with which they can access everything from bank services to TV etc etc in Spanish . It was a different world for the earlier German , Italian , Polish , Irish etc immigrants of the last century . There was no ‘web’ for them to refer quickly and keep up to date with fashions , culture , music etc back in Warsaw , Berlin or Napoli . Also none of the previous immigrant groups formed such a ‘mass’ as the present Hispanic contingent .

  • earnan

    “The USA’s real incomes have been relatively static apart from the top 1 to 5% of the population . ”
    You say this is true for the past 15 years? I say is not.

    Certainly the top earners have increased by a hell of a lot, but the median earner has certainly increased over that period in real terms(whether significantly or not depends on intrepretation). You are not going to see very large growth in a economy that is already developed.

    From where China started from, when they finally abandoned the “iron rice bowl” policies of Maoists, it was not hard to predict that they would experience enormous growth. Sooner rather than later it is going to slow down to a more normal rate (although still higher than western economies). Look at their demographic trends as well as what they are doing to their 2nd greatest resource, their nation’s land.

  • BfB

    What culture ? Irish or if American (which variant Southern Born again Dixie or Northern Liberal )

    Elucidate – mental telepathy doesn’t work 🙂

    Like whistling up a drainpipe with you;-)

    Me Culture = good
    You Multiculture = bad

  • Harry Flashman

    I know quoting Kevin Myers is a sure fire way of bringing out the spittle flecked loonies but having read his piece today he makes a bloody good point.

    Why are 3000 Nigerians living on the dole in Ireland?


    “Why are so many people, from a country to which we have no moral or legal or historical obligations, living off this state? Why are they being allowed through immigration, if they have no jobs to go to? Why are they choosing to come to Ireland, when 20 countries or more lie between their homeland and ourselves? And finally, and perhaps most important of all, why is no one else asking why?”

  • Karlos

    The truth of the matter is that AIDs is being spread by African immigrants and these African immigrants are responisble the majority of new AIDs cases in the UK.

    For health reasons alone Ireland has to close the doors on African Immigrants and close the doors quickly.