“heavy-handed” and “politically motivated”

In politics timing is everything, sometimes worryingly so. Coinciding with the announcement of an agreement between Sinn Féin and the DUP on the shape of any devolved ministry of policing and justice, but not the timing of that devolution, the “third phase” in a Garda-led “targeted operation” resulted in the 11th arrest in the ongoing investigation into the murder of Paul Quinn. All those previously arrested have since been released. And, timing again, the Irish News reports criticism of those arrests by Sinn Féin councillor, Brendan Curran, the Chairman of the local DPP, who has called the arrests “heavy-handed” and “politically motivated”. Meanwhile, as Fair Deal noted, the IMC has been asked by the UK and Republic of Ireland governments to produce an ad hoc report on the Provisional IRA’s activities. Adds From the NI Secretary of State, Shaun Woodward, MP, “I have asked that they produce an ad hoc report, clarifying its assessment of the completion of the transformation of PIRA as set out in its 18th report.” Update Northern Ireland Junior Minister, the DUP’s Jeffrey Donaldson, has responded to the reports on the IMC’s involvement

Mr Donaldson said: “We will obviously take a very keen interest in what the IMC has to report. “For policing and justice devolution to occur there has to be sufficient confidence in the unionist community and one of those elements is removing the IRA from the stage. “This isn’t the only factor, there will be others that we need to take into account as well like the structures being put in place for the devolution of policing and justice.”

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  • Whilst I enjoy your pieces Pete, I do wish you would restrict yourself to a few links per blog rather than putting a link on every other word. I find it distracting.

  • dunreavynomore

    Cllr Curran appears somewhat confused as to what his actual message is. On one hand he states that “There has been an unparalled level of support for the investigation into Paul Quinn’s murder.” but then says that ” The community is convinced that these arrests are a result of of this ongoing fingerpointing camapign rather than as a result of a nine months professional police investigation…”. So Mr Curran believes that the community is upset because they information they gave the Gardai (the unparalled support..) has been used to arrest people that the community named (in their unparalled support…). The problem for Mr Curran is not the arrests but ‘who’ has been arrested! The people arrested are mainly well known members of what used to be called ‘the republican movement’, some of them senior,from prominent families, one of them the husband of a D.P.P. member and this is Brendan’s problem.
    His innuendo is that the Quinn Support Group have caused these arrests but if this is the case it means that the members of the Q.S.G. have far more influence on policing north and sth of the border than Sinn Fein have! And there we were awaiting to see the ‘manners’ that s.f. were placing on the police.Now Brendan tells us that both the P.S.N.I and the Gardai are stone rotten. I assume he wants us to withdraw all support from these corrupt forces. Shall we see calls for a member of the Q.S.G to take up the P+J ministerial role as, according to Curran, they have the power to direct police operations.?

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange

    so much for SF ‘support’ for police? As long as they don’t venture into West Belfast or South Armagh, maybe…

  • IRIA

    It does seem like the “arrests” were politically motivated. Interesting timing of the arrests, then of course, the releases. “Third Phase”, huh? What’s “phase four”, linking the DNA to a 10 year old like Omagh?

  • IRIA

    Have there been names of those arrested publicized?

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it


    “In politics timing is everything, sometimes worryingly so”

    You are going to have to get used to the idea that what you are seeing is the end of the “peace process” – which is essentially a deal between SF and the British government (though its not written down anywhere) which includes agreement that the British will leave Police and Justice for the Irish people of Non Iron to sort out.

    Thats why all this talk about Police and Justice as needing to be seen as an ‘indigenous’ deal or just an issue between SF and the DUP is somewhat wide of the mark. The DUPs triple whats-its-name is an incovienience which was necessary to shoehorn them in to the STA and it would seem they now are going to start playing ball (in whatever stadia) sometime in Septmeber. If not – expect the papacy from the South to be having a greater say in the ‘internal’ affairs of Non Iron.

    As you say, in politics timing is everything – and this looks pretty good timing to me.

  • dunreavynomore

    Why does it seem like the arrests were politically motivated? If you are refering to events in Stormont remember that it could be the other way round! Maybe the D.U.P and S.F. used the arrests as an excuse to launch their latest unthought out venture. remember that the arrests in the 6 cos were at the request of the Gardai and that S.F. have not spoken out apart from Curran who is not a party spokesman on this issue. I wonder will Connolly house be ticking him off. The p.s.n.i are not the investigating force in this murder.
    the only name published was that of a man in cullyhanna who had went to the Irish News before to deny any involvement. The same picture of him was used again this time.Look up last Wednesday’s Irish News.
    “interesting timing?” What day would not be interesting? “Phase 3” was the 3rd series of arrests by the p.s.n.i.
    “Phase 4 will be the next series of arrests followed by “phase 5.” and so on. Got it? Sooner or later the arrests will be followed by charges.

  • I’m not asking about the Paul Quinn murder mind you just the second to last link. I see Woodward and the DUP want to clearly define the “army council” status within the IRA. How come they’re not too bothered about the other paramilitary organisations that haven’t even gone so far as decommissioning? I mean the UDA still hasn’t complied with disarmament so how can they point a finger only at the IRA? I think his question is valid as to the status of the organisation’s leadership structure but shouldn’t the same marker be used on all the paramilitary organisations involved?? Or am I missing something?

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    “Whilst I enjoy your pieces Pete, I do wish you would restrict yourself to a few links per blog rather than putting a link on every other word. I find it distracting.”

    I tried to make that point last week. I think the offical slugger response is “So where’s your blog then?”
    Ssssh, or you’ll be deleted!

  • Pete Baker

    Chekov and BJR

    I’ll add links in my posts as and when I see fit. The links are there specifically because I think those particular linked articles and posts add something, in terms of background or related information, to what is being noted in the surface text.

    If you like, it’s me thinking out loud.

    Feel free to find that “distracting”.

  • Pete Baker

    Now back to the topic.

  • skullion

    Was the arrest of poor Daithi’s assailant not politically motivated?

  • joeCanuck

    Have there been names of those arrested publicized?

    No. Nor should they be unless charges are laid.
    Some people don’t subscribe to the “innocent until proven guilty” view.

  • steve48

    a nicely choreographed piece of theatre jointly written produced and directed by DUP/SF

  • POL


    Was the arrest of poor Daithi’s assailant not politically motivated?
    Posted by skullion on Aug 06, 2008 @ 10:11 PM

    Well no! The arrest was motivated by the morons stupidity of doing it in front of the media…as much as the cops would have liked to have ignored it, they cant be seen publically to have done nought.

  • [aside]Moyle SF Councillor in a little local difficulty. I’m told he was to become the chair of Moyle DPP in December.