Can Red Hands Repeat ’05 Heroics?

We’ve reached the business end of the Senior Football Championship as this weekend brings the first of the Quarter Finals to HQ. Tyrone have been drawn against the Mighty Dubs in a repeat of the 2005 fixture, whilst the draw has been more pleasant to Armagh, who face surprising quarter finalists, Wexford. With the winners of these matches due to meet in the Semi-Finals, it looks ominously/ mouth-wateringly like a Dublin-Kerry final (though, in true ABD style, I’d prefer either Ulster side to come out of that side of the draw.) Kerry face Galway and (former Armagh player, pictured) Kieran McGeeney’s Kildare play Cork in the remaining Quarter Finals.

  • A mouthwatering prospect of a Dublin V Kerry final. We’ll wait and see – Kerry have already been beaten in championship by Cork and maybe this is the year that Cork reassert themselves over their neighbours. Tyrone haven’t got the game this year and while Armagh may be strong – they may not have enough to go the whole distance. I was surprised that Fermanagh succumbed to Kildare and that Down lost to Wexford.

    My one lament: still, 12 years after the establishment of TG4, the All Ireland football and hurling finals aren’t available live in Irish on TV. I didn’t take to the streets back in the 1990s for Wimbledon as Gaeilge! It’s nice to have it – but not an essential part of my Summer.

  • It was Sammy McNally what done it

    Given the draw – the orangemen look a reasonable bet at 6/1.

  • brendan,belfast

    what about the TMC? That was a great day for Antrim fans in Croke on Saturday.

  • the future’s bright, the future’s orange…

    Goodness, even the cricket thread has had more responses… better stick to slagging off the IFA Mr D – more popular.

  • RepublicanStones

    This should be a cracker. My heart says the Red Hands (as it should), but the pragmatist/realist/cynic says the Jackeens should prevail. Lord knows, if against the odds we do beat the metropolitans i’ll have a shit eating grin from ear to ear, as i work in Dublin.

  • austin

    This is the Dubs year- go on you boys in blue!!!


    The Dubs seem to have the same momentum that Tyrone had in 2005 but they are poor at the back. Good forwards but their six defenders wouldn’t stop Kerry at the minute. However one of these days they are going to come out on the right side of a result against an Ulster side and Tyrone have went back a good bit. They have lost the Canavan factor and Stephen O’Neill is not there anymore so Dublin to win by 4 points or more. Tyrone just don’t have that wee bit of class anymore that Kerry still have. Armagh are a hard team to predict. On their day they look like worldbeaters and on others look very very ragged although I think they have best chance of the 2 Ulster sides left. However if they play like they did against Fermanagh Wexford will beat them. McDonnell and Clarke like Croker though. Even though the Dubs look strong this year Kerry’s quality will still win out. They have the better bench players to bring on if others aren’t playing well.

  • An Ceilleachaireach Rua

    There’s an awful lot of talk about a Kerry v Dublin final based on what exactly? Dublin’s ability to choke makes the England football team look like Steve Davis. Even if that were the final, Dublinium would get beaten out the gate. The “Great Kerry-Dublin rivalry was a series of wins for Kerry with the odd Dublin sucess thrown in to give them some sort of hope. Just my opinion of course…

    As for the QFs:
    Cork v Kildare – on the evidence of the tripoe served up on Sunday then you’d have to say Cork but still scope for an upset especially if Cork come in cold/cocky

    Kerry v Galway – Galway might trouble Kerry in the forwards but ultimately it’s hard to see past the Kerry juggernaut (even without Galvin)

    Wexford v Armagh – Armagh could find this tougher than they might like especially given that it took them two attemtps to dispose of Fermanagh and Wexford finding a little bit of self-belief against a pretty poor Down. Ultimately you couldn’t see anything other than an Armagh win.

    Tyrone v Dublin – There’s something about an Ulster jersey that triggers the self-destruct button in Dublin sides. It’s not been Tyrone’s best year and Dublin may smell blood. Dublin to win out but only just…

  • An Ceilleachaireach Rua

    Future’s Bright?

    Bank holiday in the unOccupied 26 yesterday might explain it 😉

  • Henry94

    Ulster has more good teams than any province so the Ulster champions must be serious contenders. I would love to see a Cork-Armagh final.

  • cladycowboy

    Ulster may contain a lot of ‘good’ teams but we still don’t have a number of exceptional teams.

    Ulster managed to get four teams through to the last round of the qualifiers but only one prevailed.

    This will be the first time in years that as a Tyrone supporter i’ll be awaiting a latter stages game with the expectation of defeat.