Victims to lose chance to pursue Libyan government in US courts?

The Newsletter is reporting that the US administration is close to finalising a bill which would see the remaining sanctions against Libya lifted in exchange for out of court compensation settlements for US victims of Libyan supported terrorist attacks. This deal would, however, exclude non-US citizens including those in Northern Ireland who were victims of IRA terrorist attacks which received Libyan logistic support; these are reported to include Enniskillen, Teebane and the Shankill Fish shop. Jeffrey Donaldson has already raised this issue with the Bush administration and has said that he will continue to pursue it. According to Willie Frazer of FAIR Democrats in the House of Representatives and Senate may oppose the legislation.

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  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    A harsh lesson in realpolitik for those who speak of “Real victims”.


    After the exposure of shocking collusion cases like Haddock & Mount Vernon, Stakeknife etc surely people in the North would be well within their rights to take Britain to the International Courts for controlling and directing terrorism in the North of Ireland. In addition the people of Iraq & Afghanistan are being terrorised by the oil mad United States Neo Con monster. If Libya is to be an issue, and if you were a victim or relative fair enough you are entitled, then issues like this must be across the board. We CANNOT have hypocritical double standards now, can we?

  • USA

    Are you suprised? Not only does the US administration not care but nor does Britain or the ROI governments. Everyone else is growing tired of baby sitting you, you can’t even agree on who were “victims”.
    Lurig makes a fair point by the way regarding victim compensation from the British government.

  • the future’s bright the future’s orange

    yup, lets change the subject from them-uns to us-uns.. nice one lads…

  • Rory

    “Families of those who died in the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, are still trying to recover about $536 million…”

    One slight problem being that Libya had no complicity in the Lockerbie disaster and that the Libyan national, Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, who was convicted of planting the bomb on board the airliner, Pan-Am Flight 103, in 1988 is in fact innocent and there is strong evidence to suggest that his trial in The Netherlands was in fact a horrendous, stage-managed miscarriage of justice perpetrated by the US and UK governments.

    Mr al-Megrahi’s case is now under appeal but the key piece of evidence which would demonstrate his innocence has been suppressed by none other than wannabe prime minister, David Miliband.

    This is not the usual British trick as in the cases of Judith Ward, the Birmingham 6 and the Guildford 4 of innocents being railroaded into conviction merely to dispel any notion of an impotent, incapable police force before the eyes of a concerned British public. Rather it had more sinister international implications which can be traced back to the shooting down of an Iranian civilian Airbus by the American warship USS Vincennes a few months before Lockerbie (for which criminal blunder President Reagan awarded medals to the ship’s captain and gunnery crew).

    The bombing of Pan-Am Flight 103 was almost certainly carried out in retaliation for the shooting down of the Iranian Airbus but Libya was not guilty of any part in it. Both the US and UK governments were aware of who really was behind the bombing but by now their lust for new foreign adventures had changed course and it suited better to hang the innocent than to pursue the guilty.

    All this I am afraid does not bode well for any hope of estabishing complicity by Crown agents in so many murders in Ireland over the last decades reinforcing I suppose the old saw that there is only one rule wortth remembering when treating with the British and that is that they can never, ever be trusted.

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  • POL

    If this was allowed to go ahead the British and american authorities would be opening a hornets nest of similar crimes they themselves have been guilty of. In terms of compensation libya can well afford it and probably have no problem doing so. You may well find that the fore mentioned administrations may well put a block on it, to cover their own indiscretions.Indiscretions that make Libya look like Mother Theresa in comparison.

  • POL


    The Americans are well versed in that type of propaganda to further their own political interests.They done it vietnam by staging an attack on an american patrol boat thus justifying their full participation in that countrys war. They done it to justify and win public support in Iraq(WMDs)

  • David

    Yeah, and 9/11 was an inside job too?

  • I must say that I find this dispute, and the alleged comments about it bizarre in the extreme.

    Why should the USA be legislating damages for incidents which occurred in Northern Ireland, thanks apparently to weapons that Libya supplied the Provos? If it did, wouldn’t be it a precedent for Gaddafi providing recompense for any damages caused by Libyan supplied arms anywhere?

    And, for the Brits being treated special after they helped the Americans to wrongly bomb Tripoli after the Mossad and the CIA arranged the attack on the West Berlin restaurant which caused it – what was intended to take the heat off the unsolved Palme assassination – seems particularly unjustified, especially when their intelligence services have been crowing ever since about how they stopped the shipment of Libyan arms on the Eksund from reaching the Provos – what led them to carry out the massacre at Enniskillen in revenge.

    If the UK is so eager for its victims being fully compensated for terrorism like Enniskillen, how about London legislating the appropriate compensation, with or without Tripoli’s help???

    Must the Brits always play it both ways, and for free???

  • Ulsters my homeland

    It would seem it’s the Americans who have skeletons in the closet about Libia. This is just getting interesting.