“When you think of everything David Cameron has done..”

In the Irish Times Frank Millar adds some interesting background detail, and a quote from “a senior Tory source”, to the UUP/Conservative Party proposed link-up.

However, it has become clear that the widespread anger generated by his MP wife Iris Robinson’s views on homosexuality has raised further doubts about the possibility of any formal House of Commons alliance between the DUP and a future Conservative government led by David Cameron.

Amid speculation about the imminent renewal of the link between the Tories and Ulster Unionists, possibly as early as today, a senior Tory source told The Irish Times : “When you think of everything David Cameron has done in an effort to detoxify the Conservative brand, an arrangement with somebody who has expressed such views about homosexuality and the role of government is just impossible.”

As DUP leader, Mr Robinson has had several meetings with Mr Cameron over the past fortnight as part of a mutual effort to “mend fences” after the DUP’s nine MPs backed Mr Brown’s proposal to permit the detention of terror suspects for up to 42 days without charge in certain conditions.

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  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Maybe Call Me Dave can ‘nudge’ people out of their 17th century thinking, FFS. And why should DUP views stop a UUP alliance? The Tories have a few right-wing homophobes (and the odd screaming queen) in their ranks at any given time anyway. A green logo does not make the Tories liberals.

  • slug

    The Iris Robinson point is quite interesting. She has become notorious. Iain Dale has now mentioned her three times in a couple of days on his well read blog, including his entry today in which he welcomes the UUP-Conservative alliance. Iris Robinson has brought people like Iain Dale into the NI political scene (he has now been on BBC Radio Ulster a few times commenting on it). He rightly (in my view) sees her attitudes as something to work politically against. He is today suggesting that David Trimble be a minister in the new government next year.

  • Patrick Stephens

    http://www.oconallstreet.com is disagreeing with Iain Dale on this one. An interesting take from an Irish perspective.

  • 2 outta 3 ain’t bad!

    The OConall street entry can be read more as an attempt to further the notion that a party’s whose mission is seen as done by the electorate can be rescued by steady longterm rebuilding.

    Would’ve had more respect for it if he had been explicit in his reference.

    The ‘all politics is local’ reference was suprising coming from someone who a few weeks ago lambasted the notion of an FF merger because it would affect the European Parliament designation of a party that doesn’t have an MEP?

  • Chris

    I find it very funny that the DUP are branding this as an ‘act of political desperation’.

    Given they have been trying to do exactly the same thing for a long time now, but were turned down because they are viewed as a bunch of loonies.

    It is also funny to note, the DUP think the UUP will be a liability for the Conservatives as they have been losing elections…

    Well, er, not as much as a party who’s leaders wife brands homosexuals worse than child abusers….

    The DUP have been well and truely left behind on this one and the only person they have to blame is themselves.

  • Blackmouth

    O’Connall Street is absolutely correct in his analysis.

    Are the UUP seriously going to link up with a party that wants to rip up the Barnett Formula?

  • Greagoir O’ Frainclin

    The Ulster Unionists and the Tories would make wonderful bedfellows. Would help ensure the Orange Card gambling game for the future.