Iris Completes The Hat-Trick

The outbreak of Foot in Mouth syndrome (here and here) that has been identified in the Robinson household continues with today’s Belfast Telegraph reporting comments made by the First Minister’s wife and Strangford MP/ MLA, Iris Robinson, comparing homosexuals to child abusers. Her subsequent ‘clarification’ didn’t impress two prominent gay political figures on today’s Talkback either. The original comments carried in the paper: “there can be no viler act, apart from homosexuality and sodomy, than sexually abusing innocent children” (my italics.) And today’s, clarified, comments: ”
“I clearly intended to say that child abuse was worse even than homosexuality and sodomy.” (my italics.) For her part, Mrs. Robinson is claiming to have been ‘misrepresented’ in the Offical Parliamentary Report.
UPDATE: Two of our commenters, Mark Simpson and Sammy Morse, have had it confirmed by Hansard that, after replaying the audio record of the relevant committee meeting, the parliamentary body is satisfied that Iris Robinson has not been misinterpreted by their staff, as she had earlier claimed. Also, leading British parliamentary observer, Iain Dale, has labelled Mrs. Robinson as “the most anti-gay MP in the House of Commons” on his blog here.

  • DC

    “She’s a very silly woman, but-

    1.Why do people insist on asking whether Punt shares her views? Aren’t wives allowed to thin for themselves?”

    Well if she is attempting to influence the people of NI you would expect that her husband is in agreement and has been influenced enough in order for her to go on the airwaves which such foolish confidence. If he doesn’t then that must undermine her political stance, as if the leader isn’t buying it why should we?

  • Essentialist

    Where’s Free P Willie McCrea at the moment? Surely he must have something to contribute on the theological and political front. Could he be Iris’s Freud?

    Iris Robinson is Northern Ireland’s equivalent of Winnie Mandela.

  • Bemused

    Sorry to hear that Duncan – what doesn’t kill you etc…

  • Reader

    Different Drummer: The DUP’s activity on Lisburn council in 2007 also involved arrests of gay men who were ‘dogging’
    Blimey – is the law different in Lisburn?

  • Turgon

    I have been studiously ignoring this thread but maybe I should make a comment. I am not at all certain whether or not Iris is doing herself any favours here even amongst fundamentalists.

    There is a technical sense in which all sins are an abomination to God. The scripture says that all our righteousness is a filthy rags to God. From this proceeds concepts such as Total Depravity. By this we are all born in sin and shapen in iniquity. This is why all deserve God’s judgement and must be “saved” which is a work of grace and through no merit of our own.

    This is, however a technical religious analysis and no fundamentalist I know (opposed to homosexuality as they may be) regards homosexuality as remotely similar to let alone worse than child abuse.

    Initially fundamentalists may well have rallied around Mrs. Robinson feeling that she needed support for taking a Christian stand no matter how muddled her analysis of politics and religion, “God’s law” etc.

    Fundamentalists are used to being derided and laughed at and accept this. However, comparing homosexuality to (or worse than) child abuse may well be a level of embarrassment that fundamentalists may find hard to accept especially as none I know actually believe this.

    I suspect Duncan Shipley Dalton is correct (incidentally I am truly sorry to hear about your personal difficulties) that this will not do Iris huge damage. I do think, however, it will do her some harm. Fundamentalists do not like being made a laughing stock of unnecessarily and do not like it when people (even their own) make evangelism to the unsaved even more difficult by saying utterly stupid and offensive things.

    The complete absence of people like Nelson McCausland providing an intellectual fundamentalist explanation speaks volumes as to the vast hole Mrs. Robinson has dug for herself. The hole (though probably not fatal to her career) is rather like a black hole and may pull in anyone who gets too near.

  • Comrade Stalin


    Blimey – is the law different in Lisburn?

    No, but the law, and the application of the law, are two different things.

    Darth Brumsfeld:

    1.Why do people insist on asking whether Punt shares her views? Aren’t wives allowed to thin for themselves?”

    The hullabaloo was very similar when Paisley Jnr made his remarks a while ago, and he isn’t married to Peter Robinson. I think there is a general question whether the party leader agrees with remarks made by other senior party members.

    slug, I find it hard to believe that the words in the Telegraph article were not carefully chosen. It’s possible that she could have simply misspoken when she was quoted in Hansard. But then at around the same time she wrote an article with the same words in the Belfast Telegraph. I don’t accept that she would not have had someone else from the party proofread the article. A responsible editor may well have spoken to her to clarify any specific points that she was making, but then again, it’s possible that the Telegraph might have strategically not done this in order to generate a nice big headline. It is clear that the woman is in danger of discrediting the DUP, and I have a hard time accepting that nobody would be screening her writings.

    What’s clear to me is that Iris is somewhere beyond believing passionately in her religion; she’s obsessed with homosexuality and, going by her words, homosexual sex itself. This kind of obsession with sex borders on some kind of a psychological problem.

    There was a public figure in the USA recently who came out with an absurd outburst very similar to that from Iris (possibly a little worse), ranting about a “gay agenda” which was slowly overtaking the country and preparing to destroy it. Turned out that one of her sons had come out, and she disowned him.

  • Dr Strangelove

    I wonder if the Union Jack shop on the Newtownards Road is selling any of those rainbow flags ? Jim Rodgers might like to pop along and buy one…

  • Driftwood

    Not to forget Dick Cheney Comrade:

    Cheney is a Christian, attending the United Methodist Church.[12] He has two children, Elizabeth and Mary, and six grandchildren. Elizabeth, his eldest daughter, is married to Philip J. Perry, General Counsel of the Department of Homeland Security; Mary currently lives in Great Falls, Virginia with her longtime partner, Heather Poe.[13] Mary’s pregnancy and her sexual orientation as a lesbian became a source of public attention for Cheney during the 2004 election in light of the same-sex marriage debate.[from wiki:

    Turns out he supported his daughters orientation,
    Wonder what Iris would do in same situation?

  • Peat Blog

    “I wonder if the Union Jack shop on the Newtownards Road is selling any of those rainbow flags ? Jim Rodgers might like to pop along and buy one…”

    I think they do a good line in tomatoes.

  • This time, the Northern Ireland gay community and its many supporters are fighting back…

  • 0b101010
  • slug

    Go to Ian Dale foor another carton just up: Ian Dale Cartoon Featuring Iris

  • cynic

    “A trans sexual prostitute was stopped at Belfast City Airport with £14,000 hidden around his body last week, Belfast Magistrates Court has heard.

    Malaysian national Nor Azmi Bin Mohammad, 31, is understood to have been charging clients 350 euros an hour for his services while working in NI. ”

    That works out at around 50 ‘liasions’ so statistically speaking we have to assume that perhaps around 8 to 10 of Mr Mohammad’s NI clients were DUP supporters. Now for the tricky part. Where does Iris stand on sex with trans-sexuals?

    Is it an abomination for men to have sex with a trans-sexual, for women to do it or for both? Does it depend on what is done, when, how, etc?

    Now I have looked up the Bible and strangely its completely silent on this one so I really am confused and need guidance. I wouldnt want to find myself damned for eternity over a silly mistake.

    Can Iris help perhaps?

  • Rory

    “Where does Iris stand on sex with trans-sexuals?

    I don’t think she has to stand anywhere, Cynic. I’m told in fact that it is quite common for lots of people to lie down while performing. I have also heard of the “doggy position” but I believe that involves smearing one’s partner with Chappie or Winalot and barking a lot and I don’t recommend it.

    What is your own preference, if I may be so bold?

  • very interesting…