Deck chair rearranging suspended

Stormont is of course on holiday but the executive also seems to being doing nothing much apart from infighting. In today’s Irish Times the DUP’s Peter Weir blames “narrow party-political reasons” for the lack of executive meetings and a DUP source confirmed “Our message is aimed at Sinn Féin.” On thhe other hand according to the same Irish Times report Catriona Ruane has requested a special executive meeting to discuss her proposals. Mark Durkan has called for the assembly to be reconvened to discuss the apparent empasse.

  • Traditional_Unionist

    The executive is in a total mess

    I would say it is on the verge of collapse but I cannot see that happening. They like their big money pay too much

  • billie-Joe Remarkable

    Jesus wept. Good to have yet another new thread on this issue because posters must have so much fresh to say about it.

    Feel free to repeat the same points you made five times last week. Don’t forget to cut and paste large tracts of boring articles to support your views and if the eds can quote each other’s previous comments in a mutual appreciation kind of way, then we’re all set….

  • Slugger O’Toole Admin

    Online identities/nicknames are to be respected. No guessing games or claims about other posters identities please.

  • Elvis

    Online identities/nicknames are to be respected. No guessing games or claims about other posters identities please.

    Sorry, but are you Mick Fealty?

  • slug

    I don’t think theres very much to this story.

  • DC

    “I don’t think theres very much to this story.”

    The glib title was obviously uninspiring.

    It also shows the lack lustre approach to devolved politics from the TUV-minded and is a clear sign that the TUV lacks distinctive policies and ideas that could change the NI political situation. This lack of engagement is part of old Unionism which collapsed through its own incompetence and was traded up by Paisley to a Trimble-esque style of Unionism. Otherwise, the DUP would be suffering a similar slow tale of extinction, had they not agitated Trimble enough to do the hard work for them.

    Collision of the UUP with large republican paramilitary grit caused enough attrition that helped in part to sanitise the political process somewhat for the DUP. Paving the way for a cleaner process one they could flow down and not get too dirty.

    Maybe Allister will re-join the DUP and go with the flow again when the water, if you like, is pure enough for him?

  • PeaceandJustice

    Has Gerry Adams and some of his Sinn Fein PIRA gang members signed up to a “wreckers’ charter”? Or is it just the usual negotiating tactics from this group which still has a terrorist council running it?

  • joeCanuck


    i bet the authorities would pay you well for evidence of your wild assertion.