Public Service Broadcasting in Northern Ireland

I’ve not had time to look at this, but it looks worth mining for some of the content later on. Not least on the potentially corrosive effects of public funding on commercial bodies, and the section the broadcast of ‘indigenous languages’.

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  • I’d disagree with you about the relevance of “the potentially corrosive effects of public funding on commercial bodies” – I’ve fleshed out why I’d say this in the comments of another blog – here:

  • morepower toye

    Never mind funding, what about the biased nature of some of our public broadcasters daily output.

    For example, I used to sneer at prods who claimed that Talk Back was biased against all things unionist, over this last few years I’ve begun to agree with them.
    There’s hardly a day goes by without some unionist bashing piece. Dunseith doesn’t even try to play neutral any more. Every anti-unionist piece is used to project his own bias in what I imagine he thinks is a subtle way, though it is anything but.

  • Dewi

    Interesting clip – ain’t the London people clever……

  • james g

    clever London people? that chairman couldn’t even remember the job titles of the people on his panel!