Oops she did it again…

Priceless stuff on ‘the biggest show in the country’ this morning (The Nolan Show) as wife of the First Minister and DUP MLA/MP Iris Robinson has proclaimed that “the government have the responsibility to uphold God’s law.” Iris phoned in to an already heated discussion on abortion in the north of Ireland and seemed to lose the plot somewhat during the discussion, also accusing the host of “peddling lies” about what she had said in an earlier discussion about ‘turning’ homosexuals.

  • circles

    Observer the day men carry a baby full term, give birth and change their lives completely to devote their time to raising their child, or indeed have to live with the full consequences of the dificult decision of terminating a pregnancy is the day that i think they should have equal say in this issue. Read my post above.

    In order to undestand where you’re coming from though could you maybe define what you understand to be a child? When does a foetus become a child?Is it in your opinion at the point when it has “a living breathing body of its own” and can live independent of the mother?

  • cynic

    Yes the foetus is ‘killed’ but

    1 many are killed before they have sentient life. A heartbeat and other biological processes going on dont define intellect or indeed life.

    2 the time limit for abortion is set based on when the foetus has the ability for life independent of the mother.

    The problem with your position is that it does not stop abortion at all, it just either:-

    ~ leads to many unwanted children or

    ~ exports the act of abortion to England or

    ~ ends up in a very dangerous backstreet abortion which poses grave risks to the mother who is often very vulnerable anyway.

    So that is the way that Society has defined it and Assembly Ministers have to behave lawfully when they deal with this or any other matter and not discriminate against individuals or groups on the basis of religous or political belief. If that conflicts with a Minister’s personal ethical views then they have a choice – obey the law, abstain completely on that issue or resign.

  • Bemused

    Listen Iris – I know you’ve taken a lot of flak for being a humourless, ante-deluvian jesus-freak, but was it really necessary to move this far to the other extreme just to regain some public popularity….


    P.S. I see what Suzanne Breen meant about your interior design tastes…

  • cynic

    She cant be in the DUP – she isnt wearing a simmit!!!