Possible Progress on “Disappeared”

The family of one of the “Disappeared” Gerry Evans have been given information regarding the possible whereabouts of his remains. Mr. Evans was last seen hitching a lift in Castleblayney, County Monaghan, on Sunday 25 March, 1979. A map has now been given to his brother’s aunt. The details have now been passed on to the Independent Commission for the Location of Victims’ Remains though it may be some time before they can begin attempts to find Mr. Evans’ remains. It would be at least some comfort to the families if the bodies of all the “Disappeared” were recovered. This might, however, also be a time to mention Lisa Dorrian who is rarely mentioned amongst the “Disappeared”. This young woman seems to have been murdered by some form of loyalist terrorist organisation and her remains have not been located. In her case since much less time has past it would seem to be very likely that someone knows exactly where her body is. Expecting compassion and any form of help from those responsible is of course probably hopelessly optimistic.

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