“Earthquake” as SNP ahead of Labour for Westminster

It’s probably a vain hope I have of tearing you away from the Twelfth, but the news that the SNP are nudging four points ahead of Labour for the Glasgow East by-election in a fortnight might add spice to your Orangefest. The Herald “shudders” at the YouGov poll results, while the Scotsman goes the whole hog with an earthquake. It quotes the doyen of political bean counters, John Curtice, putting his finger on the paradox of the SNP: if they’re doing so well running the Scottish government, why bother with independence? ( that’s one theory). While the stoutly unionist, but anglo-centered Daily Telegraph leads with the comforting result to it, that support for the union is twelve points ahead and massively greater if more powers for the Parliament are thrown in.

I join the First Minister in wishing you all a terrific day, whether you’re celebrating privately on the Royal Mile or making the noble trek from Clifton St.