Fermanagh by election part 3

I have blogged this in the update to my other blog on Fermanagh but I thought it worth a blog in its own right. I have heard that the DUP are not going to run Thomas Hogg as their candidate in the Fermanagh council by election, though this is not yet confirmed. This despite his overwhelming endorsement Mr. Hogg received at the selection meeting (54 out of 74 votes).

If true this raises a number of questions: Why is Mr. Hogg not the candidate, has he decided to wait for another time to enter electoral politics or was the Fermanagh DUP branch overruled by the DUP leadership? Also since Bertie Kerr of the UUP objected to Mr. Hogg but indicated that he would have accepted a different DUP candidate for co-option: is it now too late to “de-object” and have the seat filled by a different DUP co-option?