Amnesty lobby non-DUP Peers over 42 day detention

Ahead of the House of Lords’ 42-day detention debate tomorrow, Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty International offers this assessment, revealing that the local branch of Amnesty International has written to every non-DUP member of the Lords urging them to vote against the government when the bill comes to a vote in the Lords.

  • joeCanuck

    Anyone have any idea why they haven’t asked for support from the DUP peers?

  • 6countyprod

    Must be because they will never, never, never change their minds!

    Just shows you how dopey the Amnesty folks are.

  • El Paso

    Tim Colins doesn’t exactly strengthen his credentials with that delusionary “We won our war” bombast. Shouldn’t stop him getting the nod from Central Office though.

  • Basil Brush

    The UUP position is very strange on this as Lady Hermon MP supported the Bill in the HOC but Lord Laird and Lord Magennis etc are all oppossed to the bill.

  • RepublicanStones

    ‘Just shows you how dopey the Amnesty folks are’

    How so?

  • Joe, it would appear from their blog that the NI branch of AI is selective in its targeting so it’s hardly surprising that they left some Peers out.

  • 6countyprod

    Doh! Never, never, never!, as opposed to okay, let’s do it!
    DUP members have been know to change their mind.

  • interested

    Basil Brush
    The UUP position is even more confused than a simple difference between their MP and the Peers.

    Ken Maginnis and Denis Rogan are both anti-42 days whilst John Taylor is pro-42 days.

    How’s that for a coherent position…

  • Basil Brush

    Interesting I never knew that Lord Taylor was pro 42 days.I just presumed it was a difference between the 2 houses.Whatever the position is it doesn’t say much about the UUP’s whips.

  • Big Bird

    where is that eddie haughey, lord ballyedmond, whatever…. Didn’t he buy a ulster unionist peerage, as well as a fianna fail senate seat. Has he moved to the conservatives, or is he just happy making millions!! where does he stand on this….