“a very predictable and boring discussion..”

Those end of term tensions surfaced at the last sitting of the Assembly on Tuesday when they were supposed to be discussing funding to primary schools. The following clip from Tuesday’s Stormont Today has some of the exchanges in that debate, notably Sinn Féin’s Barry McElduff’s somewhat unfair criticism of former Sports Minister Edwin Poots. The clip starts with Sinn Féin’s Martina Anderson complaining about the “limited block grant” and the lack of “control of fiscal matters” by the Assembly. Although there’s no suggestion as to how Ms Anderson would use that control to produce a budget greater than that provided by the block grant.. And listen out for the “plastic parliament” comment [Does Martin know? – Ed].

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  • percy

    oh peteb,
    it appears you’re gonna miss the stirring up of SF over the summer.
    “Does Martin know,?”
    well you got a dig in any-way.
    Hey ho and a hay nonny no
    Any holiday plans worth mentioning?

  • Comrade Stalin

    Mr Poots spoke eloquently for the construction industry and the harder times they’re having. The truth is, however, that public spending is going to have to be cut. The pork barrel days where the construction bigwigs could look to the public sector to provide them with work are going to have to come to an end.

    On another note, it’s notable how Willie Hay’s competency is improving after a rather slow start a year ago. I wish I could say the same for his deputies.

  • The Raven

    Is this typical of the level of discussion and debate we’re doomed to?


  • Essentialist

    So Edwin Poots wants to see more construction activity on schools. Perhaps he should spend some time aiding the DUP in developing an education policy that can be communicated to the public.

    Where is the DUP plan to counter Caitriona Ruane’s intention to end academic selection and the 11-plus? Or for that matter where is the UUP plan?
    Does Ken Bloomfield of the AQE and former head of the civil service run both political parties education policies ? Or could it be the case that the unionist representatives have no response to the minister’s diktat? Given their performances at the public meetings on education both the DUP and UUP have a lot of explaining to do.
    The public deserve clear policy and practical advice. Both are absent from the unionist benches.