(Un)Faithful DUParted?

Tensions between the ‘Departed’ DUP Ministers and their successors have surfaced again this week, with a very public tetchy exchange between former Junior Minister, Ian Paisley Jnr, and new Environment Minister, Sammy Wilson. The exchanges follow Edwin Poots’ recent utterances regarding the Long Kesh/ Maze stadium, which have once again highlighted the differing opinions within the party over the stadium issue.

  • Belfast Gonzo

    Given that Sammy was happy for Junior to go, the latter is obviously trying to get a little revenge. The divisions in the DUP are becoming clearer, and should provide Jim Allister with plenty of ammunition.

  • DC

    It kinda reminds of the fallacy of unitary politics under the brand of ‘Unionism’, you need only look back to the 50s and 60s when the Labour movement outfoxed the old Unionists in the shipyards.

    Much the same here with these silly divisions, the reality is unionism as a political brand will crumble as Northern Ireland moves into realpolitik.

  • Belfast Gonzo, can you shed any light on the mainstream media disinterest in the Rathlin ferry fiasco, Sam McBride excepted? You’d have thought that a story involving Peter Robinson, Conor Murphy and three Executives would have whetted their appetites.

    Maybe Chris Donnelly (SF) and fair_deal (DUP) could give us some ‘insider’ information ..