Wot – no better quality Health Service for NI?

As far as I can make out, not a cheep from the Northern Ireland Health and Social Services Dept, ( see recent press releases), in response to the big new drive for a higher quality health service in England unveiled yesterday.

For instance, one big aim is to speed the validation of new drugs and end the post code lottery for approving their use by NICE, the National Institute for Clinical Excellence. Nice has applied to NI since 2006.

What’s happening about this, guys? Have you a cunning plan up your sleeves you haven’t told us about yet? Or is this another example of Executive inertia?

Are NI patients too to get the right to chose their own GP, consultant and hospital; benefit from the end of the post code lottery and be prescribed new drugs with less regard to cost ; and receive detailed reports on their medical condition – all as promised to the English? Wake up Michael McGimpsey and the scores of staff in Dundonald House. Or can I have missed some well-buried report?

  • Isn’t devolution wonderful?

  • lamh dearg

    While normally always happy to bash our local politicians I feel that there is no urgency in this case.

    The Darzi report was a damp squib, as always full of rhetoric, motherhood and apple pie but lacking in any real detail of how these wonders will be delivered.

    Take new drugs and NICE, by all means speed it up, that makes sense, but the “guarantee” that any patient will be entitled to any drug approved by NICE “if clinically indicated” is worthless without an explanation of how such munificence will be funded.

    Likewise many of the other initiatives, impossible to disagree with the sentiment but difficult to see how things will actually change at the coalface.

    The only persistent thrust of Darzi remains privatisation, of Community Nursing, of Primary Care, of rapid access clinics for the worried well to see a Nurse, not of their choosing.

    And btw NI patients have and always have had the right to choose their own GP.