Gold in them thar hills!

According to the prospecting company Conroy Diamonds and Gold there are over 1 million ounces of low grade gold [in low grade deposits] in an area outside Clontibret, Co Monaghan. – press release here [pdf file]

Conroy Diamonds and Gold said the gold deposits in the rural, rolling hills of Co Monaghan, just miles from the once conflict-ridden south Armagh in Northern Ireland, are at least four times the amount as in the Scottish mine. The company is now starting a feasibility study for the economic viability of mining the gold which it says could begin within two to three years’ time.

But they warn.

“The technical people still have a lot of work to do, and until they have completed their work and the feasibility study is done you can’t be sure of the economics,” said Prof Conroy. “Obviously, if there was a big fall in the price of gold it just wouldn’t pay. There are a lot of questions still unanswered.”

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  • Concerned Loyalist

    There is also a lot of gold in the Omagh area. A mate of mine is an environmental consultant and was actually just telling me about it the other day…

  • Peat Blog

    Given its location, does Norn Iron, through the First Minister’s Office, not have some sort of territorial claim over this? Maybe we could provoke a raiding party…

  • percy

    maybe pete the punt found some gold to pay his fine with

  • Bigger Picture

    Flip! Maybe the Gardai will have security stepped up now

  • aquifer

    Irish gold would be a premium product. Watch out for people smuggling gold INTO the mine.


    The Uncle Andy & Big Mervyn types MUST be delighted. They’ll be able to get their sovereign rings, chains and earrings in OUR WEE COUNTRY gold if it’s confirmed about Omagh AND Peter the Punt & the DUP cross border raiding parties will be able to get commemorative medals struck from Clontibret gold. SPLENDID!

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Woo hoo!…would explain the plethora of ancient gold artifacts that have been found throughout Ireland since archaeological studies began. Detractors of ancient Irish history have always claimed that there was no gold in Ireland and such artifacts could never have been manufactured here.

    A great boost for us in the global economic downturn!

    ….agus mar is fiú ór sinn.

  • Pete Baker

    Before people get too over-excited, it’s worth looking at the press release in detail [pdf file]

    Indicated Resource Tonnes (Mt) 11.0
    Grade g/t @ 0.75g/t cut-off 1.24
    Resource ounces gold 440,000

    Inferred Resource Tonnes (Mt) 14.0
    Grade g/t @ 0.75g/t cut-off 1.32
    Resource ounces gold 590,000

    Total Resources Ounces Gold 1,030,000

    g/t seems to be grammes per tonne.

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    In plain english for the common folk , it’s low quality gold, but speculation says there’s a lot of it!

  • Greagoir O Frainclin
  • barcas

    Maybe I’m just plain ignorant, but what on earth is “low grade” gold? I could understand low grade ore, but surely, gold is gold is gold?

    Nevertheless, what goes around comes around.

    Over 50 years ago, I was lectured by a Belfast architect called Tommy Pentland on the myth of the fecklessness of “those people” down south who were so lazy, they could not be bothered to stir themselves to find the gold deposits clearly, to Tommy, existing in the “Free State”.

    The evidence was, of course, the prehistoric artifacts referred to in 10 above.

    I suggested to Tommy that, by the same logic, the various rulers under whom Ireland had laboured, not least of all, the Brits who had control for several hundred years, must have been equally feckless.

    My observations were not kindly received.

  • Pete Baker


    I’ve clarified that point [low grade deposits] in the original post.

  • steve

    low grade refers to the ore not the gold. low grade means their is only small amount and requires a great deal of processing per troy ounce

    the real problem is that gold mining is an environmental nightmare, think arsenic poisoning