Mars Attacks!

Ice on MarsWell, not quite. Or not yet anyway. Just an update on the news from the Mars lander Phoenix. This image of disappearing lumps (in the lower shaded area of the trench) has convinced NASA scientists that they are looking at, specifically, water ice near the surface of Mars – there’s a much larger animated comparison here. Tom Pike, of Imperial College London, on the eureka moment. And here’s an animation of the view north from Phoenix created from images taken by the Surface Stereo Imager on Sol 14 (June 8, 2008). Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona/Texas A&M University/NASA Ames.

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  • susan

    i find it moving that from the dawn of human history to the cutting -edge of the search for life or conditions hospitable to life in the solar system in 2008, the dictum for exploration and new frontiers remains, always, “follow the water.”

    i return to the cleaning out of my fridge with renewed vigour.

  • joeCanuck

    Be careful, Susan. You can’t be sure what strange lifeforms you might come across if you accidentally leave the door open for a while.

  • Pete Baker

    Not just in the solar system, susan.

    And, thanks to you and Joe’s combined efforts, from now on whenever I think of the possibility of extra-terrestrial life the first image to come to mind will be a fridge-door, ajar. ;o)

  • Dewi

    Life on Mars again Love this lot.

  • eh,is anyone thinking that the white stuff on mars may result in there once being a cocaine factory there??

    just a thought!

  • Henry94

    Here’s some nice shots from NASA for all your space fans