“two crises to be examined..”

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has said he will visit Ireland next month and the Republic of Ireland’s Taoiseach Brian Cowen is to make a progress report to the European Council in October but, with a sceptical Czech President Vaclav Klaus declaring the treaty “dead”, the Czech Senate has referred the text to the constitutional court for a ruling not expected before October. Meanwhile the BBC’s Chris Mason was on Hearts and Minds last night with a good briefing on the situation, although he seems to have missed the “cacophonous din” noted by the Guardian’s European editor.

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  • picador

    It might just work but only if he brings his missus with him.

  • Wilde Rover

    One would imagine the Yes camp will give a warm welcome to President Sarkozy and his valiant efforts to protect them from the machinations of American neo-cons.

    But for now it looks like we will have to wait until at least October to see if its Czech mate for Lisbon.

    Perhaps if there is another No vote next spring it could be labeled “Lisbon Two: Lisbon One for slow learners.”

  • joeCanuck

    Czech mate

    Good one WR.

  • It just shows how dumb the EU Treaty writers are to build in an upper maximum. I guess the guys who wrote code prior to 2000 had to be employed somewhere… shades of Bill Gates’ “640k is enough” remark.

    Ideas like Poland’s “square root of population” idea should be no brainers but the Eurocrats can’t seem to avoid manual adjustments as a way for accommodating the whims of member states.

  • BfB

    Now starts the The Irish are dysfuntional that’s why the stupid bastards voted no…
    I’m enjoying this a bit….

    ‘Irish families are spending more of their income on alcohol than any other country in the EU, according to an analysis of the household budgets of the 27 member states.’